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  • Auditions for Sky in Mamma Mia 02/22/2018  12:53pm

    Searching for SKY for a production of Mamma Mia in NJ. Rehearsals will begin this Saturday. More info will be given at the audition. Non-Union only! Sadly, not paid. But you will have the ability to work alongside Broadway talent as well as perform to a 1300 seat theater. Tons of exposure.

    Show runs from March 23-25.

    Ripley-Grier Studio 17C from 3-5

    Dance will be first and cuts will be made from then. If kept, be prepared to read and sing. Sides will be provided and the song will be taught to you.


    Today, Thursday Feb. 22nd from 3:00-5:00.

    didibooktho 02/22/2018  12:54pm

    A non-union, non paying gig, at a 1300 seat theatre, alongside “Broadway talent”, for a supporting role? Yikes.

    madelinepurr 02/23/2018  8:33am