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  • Theatre Barn Musicals 2/23 02/22/2018  3:20pm

    Did day one speed up at all?

    Also, when do the doors open at the studio?


    Wondering the same. I'm trying to gauge when I should get there tomorrow

    tinymover 02/22/2018  3:26pm

    They sped up a bit today but it was still slow. But I did the musicals last year, and they ran out of fairly normal speed. So maybe it was just because it was monologues.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/22/2018  4:16pm

    I believe tomorrow starts at 10:00am till around 3:30pm not sure when doors open!

    LittlebigCharacter 02/22/2018  5:54pm

    Do they accept an unofficial list?

    soprano10 02/22/2018  6:39pm

    Does this company provide housing?

    Okayokay 02/22/2018  6:44pm


    bananasmoothie 02/22/2018  6:49pm

    They accept an unofficial list and I'm almost certain have housing

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/22/2018  6:55pm

    Housing is provided.
    I’m just a wee bit nervous after reading last years auditions.

    LittlebigCharacter 02/22/2018  7:02pm

    Oh GOD I hope its not like last year!!!

    Hello12Hello13Hello 02/22/2018  7:16pm

    Sorry, I'm a little confused by what I saw from last year...should the unofficial list be up inside or outside? Thanks to anyone who can help clear that up

    tinymover 02/22/2018  7:44pm

    Wow, that thread is intense. Is it worth going?

    SpecialSkillsSection 02/22/2018  7:48pm

    I want to hope it’s worth it. But again, I am nervous based on Gig & Tell and last years auditions. See if the season is right for you, of course. Put everything into perspective.

    LittlebigCharacter 02/22/2018  7:52pm

    Did they call names before hand yesterday? Or did they transfer the list themselves?

    Jgyory 02/22/2018  8:43pm

    Did they call names before hand yesterday? Or did they transfer the list themselves?

    Jgyory 02/22/2018  8:44pm

    Last year if I remember correctly they used the list the actors started, no transferring. The whole pianist thing was pretty dramatic, I was there for “the speech” and it was intense, not gonna lie. That said, he played my music beautifully and they were lovely in my audition and callbacks. I didn’t end up working with them so I can’t comment beyond that!

    FierceConversations 02/22/2018  9:48pm

    I'm a bit confused about the posting on Backstage. It said that they were having auditions on the 24th too, but the hours are shorter. Does that mean there will be actual auditions then, or is that really their callback date?

    I'm sorry for being a Paranoid Polly, I just can't come tomorrow because of work and I don't want to miss this audition!

    Megan 02/22/2018  10:07pm

    Today the monitor transferred the unofficial himself and then called people to line up in groups of ten at a time. The team was super friendly. Hope this helps!

    secretsondheim 02/22/2018  10:20pm

    There is still an audition Saturday. It's short because they usually do callbacks after.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/22/2018  10:22pm

    ^ agreed! As of now, I'm gonna assume it's another open call

    coldbrew 02/22/2018  10:23pm

    Tinydancer, usually people put the list in the vestibule until ripley opens (so inside the first door but. It inside the next one)

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/22/2018  10:24pm

    Whew, that’s a relief. Thanks!!

    Megan 02/22/2018  10:30pm

    What time are people starting the list? I feel like it's going to be an early one

    Hello12Hello13Hello 02/22/2018  10:43pm

    Wish it wasn’t gonna be an early crack of dawn one to save on some zz’s for this entire month lol but yeah, probably...

    LittlebigCharacter 02/22/2018  10:50pm

    So where exactly is this place? V confused & never been.

    Coffeewithachanceofcoffee 02/22/2018  10:54pm

    It's never been necessary to start a list super early for this theater but people have been starting lists early for everything this year

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/22/2018  10:56pm


    LittlebigCharacter 02/22/2018  11:08pm

    Ok so I’d never been to this ripely before today! despite the address posted on the listing, I was on auto pilot I went to the new studio on 38th street and 8th. It is actually on 55th and 8th. 939 8th ave! Close to where Nola is!

    playbilllala 02/22/2018  11:38pm

    Do they normally type at their open calls?

    Flipsandgiggles 02/23/2018  12:24am

    unofficial list at 15 at 3:50 am, inside on the 2nd door

    her-emails 02/23/2018  3:48am


    mmm90 02/23/2018  4:48am


    lllvvveeekkk 02/23/2018  4:49am

    25 as of 5am

    Jgyory 02/23/2018  5:03am

    List is up to #38...unbelievable y’all. It’s 5am...

    justtryintob00k 02/23/2018  5:06am

    Ridiculous, y’all LOL

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  5:11am

    Where is 8th ave Studios?

    pettybetch24601 02/23/2018  5:21am

    Up to 65- 5:45am

    Casssssadilla 02/23/2018  5:42am

    List around 97.

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  5:52am

    Around 110

    dance3looks3honestly 02/23/2018  5:56am

    3:50 AM? Really? For a gig barely paying living wage?

    Everyone who went that early to sign up BETTER show up or I’ll have some choice words for y’all.

    chipper9620 02/23/2018  6:04am

    110 and it's hardly 6? Wowza

    itbeme 02/23/2018  6:10am

    Already at 130

    moosevmouse 02/23/2018  6:16am

    Are you kidding me?
    Here I was thinking I could sleep in a little and shower.
    Jesus people.

    musicalwarrior 02/23/2018  6:33am

    Around 160 @ 6:45am

    CatMuse 02/23/2018  6:38am

    164 @ 6:45

    celise22 02/23/2018  6:42am

    Based on this audition season, why would you think you could sleep in for a non eq open call and magically no one would sign up? I don’t enjoy these early mornings either. But if y’all are awake enough to get up and complain about everyone else signing up, then you’re awake enough that you could get on a train and get down there. If you think the theatre isn’t worth working at, why are you worrying about it/commenting at all? Until there’s a better system in place, you can’t begrudge people for going out and hustling. Do I think anything before 5am is insane? Yes. But I’m not going to waste my energy being pissy at other people.

    ‡‡‡ 02/23/2018  6:46am

    Where is the list posted?

    Sing.Act.Dance. 02/23/2018  7:09am

    I thought I could sleep because I save info from past auditions and last year I signed into theater barn at 8 30 and was like 100 something. This is crazy.
    And in what world is waking up 6am sleeping in anyway.
    Im not mad at the people who woke up before me, Im mad that a better system doesnt exist.
    And how do you know Im not typing this on my commute to midtown?

    musicalwarrior 02/23/2018  7:12am

    Right as you enter into the building. In the “foyer”

    Ollie 02/23/2018  7:13am

    Anyone attempting to justify a list started at 3:50 AM is insane. It's one thing to get up early and hustle down there. But BEFORE 4 AM?????? Please find god.

    coldbrew 02/23/2018  7:24am

    Thank god I'm equity! I can just fly past all of you on the list!

    TommyWisaeu 02/23/2018  7:35am

    Yeah thanks for your constructive input TommyWisaeu

    soprano10 02/23/2018  7:43am

    Anything for my princess

    TommyWisaeu 02/23/2018  7:45am

    😂 any update on when the building will open?

    LadyDudley 02/23/2018  7:50am

    Yo Tommy your movies suck 😂😂 also I hope you’re joking because why you at a non eq call for a non eq theatre if you’re equity??? Also 3:50 am people, how do you expect to perform at your best when you’ve been up since 3 am? You’re just making it harder for yourselves and for everyone else. This ain’t Broadway, go back to bed

    Genericwhitefemale 02/23/2018  7:55am

    List just under 200 at 7:48

    369damnurfine 02/23/2018  7:58am

    When does this building open??

    JusNikki54 02/23/2018  8:16am

    I'm curious which actors have sugar daddies or still mooch off of mommy and daddy. How y'all can afford this LOW PAYING GIG and keep your NYC apartment.

    TommyWisaeu 02/23/2018  8:18am

    Do we know what time the building opens? Thanks!

    Toulouuuuse 02/23/2018  8:22am

    I word to the wise, the monitor is also the stage manager. I am sure many more ludicrous things will happen to each of us before the day is out (it is NYC after all) but let it not affect us in either rooms! Stay positive y’all! And break all the legs (because being nonunion means we need all the luck we can get)

    SomethingsComing 02/23/2018  8:34am

    Just went back to the foyer, the list is no longer up. I assume creative team/monitor has it.

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  8:44am

    List was at 214 at 8:50! Please keep this updated on how fast things move when it all gets started! :)

    danamaco 02/23/2018  8:55am

    Where is the list?

    Westvillians 02/23/2018  8:57am

    Are they typing?

    hellohello26 02/23/2018  8:58am

    Does creative have it, or did someone rip it down?

    moosevmouse 02/23/2018  9:27am

    Best of luck y’all. I’m the brown boy pretending to be going over his music out by the sign up sheet if anybody wants to be pals 😂

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  9:48am

    Unofficial is in the hands of the monitor. It’s all good! And they just came out and said “best 16” (with regards to the shows)

    SomethingsComing 02/23/2018  9:53am

    Have they started yet?

    justtryintob00k 02/23/2018  9:55am

    Just started, first 10 are lined up

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  9:56am

    Anyone know if they’re cutting off the list?

    Singingandcats 02/23/2018  9:59am

    bump on numbers called

    moosevmouse 02/23/2018  10:14am

    Just called next set of 10. (#20)

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  10:17am

    Post on how quickly they’re running through the list please :)

    dobbykat 02/23/2018  10:20am

    This is running veryyyyy slow and there’s I think 250+ people here

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  10:23am

    Did everyone on the list actually show up ie did the monitor have to call beyond #20 to get the first two groups lined up?

    FierceConversations 02/23/2018  10:26am

    Can someone whose already gone confirm who the pianist is? And is it the same guy from last year?

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  10:31am

    Update on # called? Thanks!

    celise22 02/23/2018  10:44am

    Up to #30. I think some of the people from the first 10 were not there. The most recent 10, all of them were here.

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  10:48am


    moosevmouse 02/23/2018  10:48am

    Called up to #41

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  10:55am

    Yes same pianist as last year

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 02/23/2018  11:00am

    Thanks! I’m hearing it’s going pretty well for people. Keep the energy high, babies!!

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  11:05am


    moosevmouse 02/23/2018  11:25am

    They’ve called through 50, it’s going slooooooow

    reeee 02/23/2018  11:33am

    I'm looking for my new princess... anyone interested?

    TommyWisaeu 02/23/2018  11:35am

    Called to 60, closed the list

    FierceConversations 02/23/2018  11:47am

    List is closed

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  11:48am

    Does anyone know they’re taking a lunch break at all?

    Gmoney 02/23/2018  11:55am

    I highly doubt it if it only goes to 3:30 and the number of people. Then again we could get screwed 🤷🏽‍♂️ All I’ve heard from in the room is that they’re ridiculously nice so there’s that

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  11:58am

    What I got was they’ve closed the list and they plan on seeing everyone, and they technically have the room till 4

    FierceConversations 02/23/2018  12:04pm

    Up to 71

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  12:12pm

    Could someone please post what number they're on? Thank you so much.

    Artsgirl 02/23/2018  12:48pm

    Are they taking a lunch??

    AdventuresofLilBway 02/23/2018  12:49pm

    Bump on what they’ve called through

    les87 02/23/2018  12:49pm

    Have they been giving callbacks in the room like yesterday? (Thanks in advance from my sanity)

    SomethingsComing 02/23/2018  12:57pm

    BUmp for what numbers they’ve called through.

    OverTheRainbow347 02/23/2018  12:57pm

    Yes, they are giving callbacks in the room.

    justtryintob00k 02/23/2018  12:57pm

    They're taking a lunch, back at 1:15, at number 83. They said they're stopping at 3:30 or 4 and they're probably not going to cut to 8 bars. If you don't get seen they will let you sign up for tomorrow.

    Leigh1692 02/23/2018  12:59pm

    Could someone update how many people from today will be signed up for tomorrow when the time comes?

    Newbie65 02/23/2018  1:07pm

    Can someone post who was in the room? Thanks!

    Someday 02/23/2018  1:10pm

    Long shot but worth asking, would they just transfer the left overs from today to tomorrow in order?

    Ollie 02/23/2018  1:23pm

    Did they switch to having people do 8 bars!??

    bf8880 02/23/2018  1:29pm

    They have not switched to 8 bars.

    Leigh1692 02/23/2018  1:35pm

    No 8 bar cut, only the one 16 bar cut, they may stop you midway if they’ve made up their minds

    If they don’t finish up the list today, whoever is left will be able to go first for tomorrow morning, though they’re aiming to finish the list

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  1:35pm

    Also now on 107

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  1:36pm

    How many ppl are on the list in total?

    3threat 02/23/2018  1:40pm

    240? Roughly

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  1:47pm

    What number are we up to.

    ifeelimnotoutofbedyet 02/23/2018  2:00pm

    Through 132 called so far

    Sing.Act.Dance. 02/23/2018  2:05pm

    Please post if they’re moving people from today to tomorrow. And tomorrow people.... let’s be civil and not show up at 3:45, k? No one is going to sing well getting up that early. Peace and blessings

    godimamixer 02/23/2018  2:24pm

    If someone could cross off #152 off the list last name Jones, I won't make it. I have work. TY

    Mejones 02/23/2018  2:37pm

    Could someone post an update of which number they called last?

    Thank you

    baker's son 02/23/2018  2:39pm

    They just called up to 154

    Leigh1692 02/23/2018  2:43pm

    Lined up to 152(ish)

    Ollie 02/23/2018  2:44pm

    They just cut to 8 bars

    Leigh1692 02/23/2018  2:55pm

    Will somebody post with what number they end on today? Thanks :)

    Greenglasslove 02/23/2018  3:26pm

    Whoever wrote Andrew Gasparini on the sign up list, that was good 😂

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 02/23/2018  3:34pm

    @spudboy Thats actually a real guy, I know him. Just a weird coincidence with the composer

    Characteractor35 02/23/2018  3:54pm

    What number did they end up with today? Aka, how many people are technically already on the list for tomorrow that they didn’t get to Rigatoni

    mil7230 02/23/2018  4:12pm

    * today. Not rigatoni :)

    mil7230 02/23/2018  4:12pm

    Bump with how many were left today that will be first up tomorrow :)

    Greenglasslove 02/23/2018  4:17pm

    They saw everyone

    baker's son 02/23/2018  4:34pm

    Thanks so much for the update, bakers son!

    Greenglasslove 02/23/2018  4:51pm

    Anyone know if there's a need to bring dance stuff for tomorrow? Just don't wanna lug around extra shit if I don't need to

    coldbrew 02/23/2018  5:10pm

    Did they give callback date/times based on character/show or was it just by availability? - I have a Sunday Callback

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 02/23/2018  5:14pm

    I was given a cb itr for Sunday. I was told to be prepared for light movement, bring in a country/rock song in the style of PB&D, and bring my book for the other shows.
    In my audition I sang v legit (but have rock shows and themepark also on my res)
    Hope some of that helps!

    musicalwarrior 02/23/2018  9:42pm