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  • Non eq at 12 @519!

    __8675309__ 02/23/2018  8:45am

    How is it looking so far?

    ActorM7 02/23/2018  9:20am

    Any word on if they're seeing non eq

    Caiti90 02/23/2018  9:57am

    Yes they already called names

    shortnmorose 02/23/2018  10:14am

    Called up to 20 just now. (Next 10)

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  10:16am

    ^Sorry wrong post/thread!!!!

    LittlebigCharacter 02/23/2018  10:16am

    The call is WIDE open. I went in signed up as EMC/non eq and was seen in less than 5 minutes.

    ActorM7 02/23/2018  12:25pm