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  • The Theater Barn Musicals, 2/24 02/23/2018  6:29pm

    Hi everyone!

    I wanted to start a new thread for tomorrow's auditions. Just so I'm clear, though, can someone confirm all the following information about today's call is correct?:

    *The unofficial list was started around 3:45am, and over 200 people signed up.
    *People auditioning were asked to sing 16 bars "of their best."
    *Everyone who signed up was seen
    *Callbacks were given out in the room, and are scheduled for this coming Sunday.

    Please let me know if all of this is correct. Also, since the list was started so early today, are we anticipating the same thing for tomorrow?



    I was asked to come back tomorrow for callbacks

    justtryintob00k 02/23/2018  7:13pm

    I know a few people who were asked to come back tomorrow afternoon so they are probably ending right at 1:30, Break Legs everyone!

    dgretchen 02/23/2018  7:19pm

    ^does tomorrow go to 1:30? I thought the listing said 12:30.

    They definitely saw everyone today?

    Okayokay 02/23/2018  7:27pm

    I think it just goes to 12:30 because some people have callbacks at 1:30

    justtryintob00k 02/23/2018  7:29pm

    If we could avoid a 4 am list that would be SWELL. Maybe 6 am? Is that fair? Lol

    coldbrew 02/23/2018  7:51pm

    Agreed, @coldbrew. 6am would be lovely.

    Megan 02/23/2018  7:53pm

    Callbacks are sat and sun

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 02/23/2018  8:02pm

    Okay, good to know that callbacks are both tomorrow and Sunday!

    Megan 02/23/2018  8:11pm

    When the list goes up tomorrow, can someone please post here? Thanks!

    Megan 02/23/2018  8:50pm

    Yeah no 4 am list please, you crazy mofos. We will know who you are. You will be shunned

    Genericwhitefemale 02/23/2018  9:16pm

    Lets hope all the crazies already went so we won’t have to worry about another obscenely early list. Get some sleep, y’all.

    godimamixer 02/23/2018  10:30pm

    Where is list before building opens? (Not going yet, just so I know when I do)

    Whyisitsocold 02/24/2018  4:37am

    Has anything been put up yet?

    juliejordan 02/24/2018  4:41am

    List at 22 as of 5am

    Ladynapsalot 02/24/2018  5:03am

    #36 at 5:45.

    dDubya 02/24/2018  5:43am

    #36 at 5:45.

    dDubya 02/24/2018  5:44am

    Oops. Sorry for the double post. 😜

    dDubya 02/24/2018  5:45am

    In the early 40s at 6am

    JessicaJones 02/24/2018  5:55am

    List was at 51 at 6:05am

    Megan 02/24/2018  6:11am

    List is at 60 as of 6:40 am!

    bujo_l0vr 02/24/2018  6:48am

    List is at 60 as of 6:40 am!

    bujo_l0vr 02/24/2018  6:48am

    How many people do you think they get through in a hour?

    Whyisitsocold 02/24/2018  6:48am

    Also is we are on the unofficially list what time should we get back?

    Whyisitsocold 02/24/2018  6:57am

    List is at 73 as of 7:20.

    TGM 02/24/2018  7:17am

    Heads up that they cut us down to 8 bars by the afternoon.

    Sing.Act.Dance. 02/24/2018  7:20am

    What time were people let into the building yesterday? Google says the it doesn’t open till 10.

    juliejordan 02/24/2018  7:41am

    What is the list up to now? Thanks:)

    thewitchbitch28 02/24/2018  8:23am

    What floor is this on?

    Ladynapsalot 02/24/2018  8:37am

    The list is up to 92.

    They are letting people upstairs into the building. Press 202 to get it.

    The list has been moved inside to the 3rd floor. As of 8:55.

    TGM 02/24/2018  8:52am

    The director took the list at about 9:35, and said as he walked by that there were a few names from yesterday being added

    michy 02/24/2018  9:40am

    Just announced that they’re cutting it down to 8 bars so they can see everyone!

    Megan 02/24/2018  9:47am

    The list is now closed!

    michy 02/24/2018  9:53am

    They just closed the list off for the day.

    TGM 02/24/2018  9:53am

    Can someone confirm that callbacks itr are for 11:45 tomorrow? I have a vague recollection that that is what was said but I also have a shit memory

    michy 02/24/2018  10:09am

    they've been giving different times to different people, sort of appointment style I've noticed

    lefthandedflea 02/24/2018  10:18am

    for callbacks ^^^ **

    lefthandedflea 02/24/2018  10:19am

    33 was last # called.

    dDubya 02/24/2018  10:31am

    Just called up to 54 to line up.
    Wanting to hear 8 bars of something funny/with character.

    dDubya 02/24/2018  10:57am

    Have any guys received callbacks ITR today (2/24)?

    fe1049cla 02/24/2018  11:58am

    (gunna post this on CC but just thought id post here too)

    Anyone get called back and asked to look at the song "Tips" for pump boys and dinettes? I'm cant seem to find the sheet music (or even the lyrics...) anywhere

    If you're in the same situation (or know where I cant find music/lyrics for this song) PLZZZ help me out. It would be MUCH appreciated!

    dance3looks3honestly 02/24/2018  12:53pm