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  • Ripley Unofficial List Protocol 02/25/2018  5:28pm

    Could anyone please let me know how unofficial list sign ups work at Ripley? Is it the same as Pearl where a doorman will let you in to sign up at the front desk before the building actually opens? If not, what time do they open/can you first go in to sign up? Thank you so much for the help!


    List will usually be posted outside on the wall. Building opens at 8

    02/25/2018  5:55pm

    Yep. Tape it to the side wall at Ripley just outside the doors. (Right hand side facing the building).

    Make sure to tape more then just the top because lists have blown away before. (I rescued one once).

    BariToxic 02/25/2018  6:07pm

    Great! Thank you guys so much for the info!!

    cjm568 02/25/2018  6:17pm