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  • Ryan’s Sitters 03/12/2018  4:37pm

    Theatre/Music friends of NYC:
    Who is looking for BABYSITTING work???? Part-time, full-time, or even here-and-there.

    I have a lot of parents who are specifically looking for young sitters, especially theatre people who have college degrees, many interests, and higher career goals.

    So now, I'm building a database of available sitter friends! It's simple- just go to and fill out a quick form. Once submitted, this profile will stay in my Sitter Database and anytime a parent is looking for a sitter that matches your criteria, I'll be in touch with you. Think of me as your Agent for babysitting gigs ;-) except that you will never pay a commission and the parents will pay you directly.

    Please SHARE with all of your NYC performer friends. Trying to build this database up right now so I can start the sitter matchmaking!!! :)