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  • little shop of horrors - open call @ players theatre 03/12/2018  7:22pm

    RE: Open call for Little Shop tomorrow @ Players Theatre...

    Do we have any idea as to whether they will accept an unofficial list, or how early people have waited in line in the past for this company?


    I have auditioned for them a few times, and they never accepted an unofficial list... Usually let people up close to when the call begins and have sign up in the room

    Portia_ 03/12/2018  7:37pm

    Thanks! Do you know how busy their calls usually are/how long I should plan on being there?

    fe1049cla 03/12/2018  8:25pm

    Are they really only seeing people until 3pm? 3 hours for auditions seems a little short

    AdotBURR 03/12/2018  9:29pm

    you're welcome! The calls I have been to in the past have run very smoothly. They were also able seen everyone who signed up I believe within the time frame...not sure about how tomorrow will run...Break a leg everyone

    Portia_ 03/12/2018  10:02pm

    *able to see

    Portia_ 03/12/2018  10:03pm

    Is there a line for this? How’s it looking?

    As_the_gayz_go_bi 03/13/2018  8:32am

    I’m not getting there till 12. Too cold

    DoinTheThing 03/13/2018  8:42am

    The space is small- so no use getting there super early and standing in the snow!

    HCHS1209 03/13/2018  9:37am

    Will someone post with more details when they arrive to this call? It seems nearly impossible that they will see everyone that will want to be seen for this within three hours!

    socalledchaos 03/13/2018  9:37am