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  • Bump

    DanceWerks 03/13/2018  5:51am

    I was number 4 at 4:15 am

    lolitacubanita 03/13/2018  5:58am

    Up to 30 last I checked

    sheusedtobemine 03/13/2018  7:12am

    Are we supposed to move the list to 305?

    ownit23 03/13/2018  7:38am

    Are we supposed to move the list to 305?

    ownit23 03/13/2018  7:38am

    Bump for list number.

    6784312 03/13/2018  7:39am

    Is the call not happenings at 520?

    Ab90 03/13/2018  7:40am

    Says it is on backstage but maybe they had to change it ?

    Ab90 03/13/2018  7:43am

    it just said “for 305” on the unofficial list so I wasn’t sure

    ownit23 03/13/2018  7:51am

    Where is this list? Pretty sure the audition is at Ripley 520, not 305.

    tjp95 03/13/2018  8:09am

    List is still at 520 up to 50

    Macbear27 03/13/2018  8:26am

    Wasn’t 305 written on there for the Anastasia call...?

    sheusedtobemine 03/13/2018  8:40am

    Seeing non eq?

    DoinTheThing 03/13/2018  8:43am

    Will some awesome dude or lady that’s around please politely transfer the female unnoficial when the monitor gets there?

    Ab90 03/13/2018  8:49am

    Waitress is at 520 according to post on Equity website.

    Don’t be shady, peeps!

    dance10looksmeh 03/13/2018  9:01am

    Is the monitor there? Seeing non??? Someone please give an update

    Jpmaxpop 03/13/2018  9:46am

    Monitor is here. Won’t know if they are seeing non eq till the call starts and casting makes the decision when they get here.

    dance10looksmeh 03/13/2018  9:49am

    Unnoficial lists transferred? Just let us know if a female needs to come and transfer

    Ab90 03/13/2018  10:17am

    Bump on seeing non -eq today

    Hay5678Lye 03/13/2018  10:32am

    Non equity?

    Jpmaxpop 03/13/2018  10:32am

    Bump on seeing non Eq

    Ijustwannanap 03/13/2018  10:39am

    Non eqqqqqqq?????

    Jpmaxpop 03/13/2018  10:55am

    Bump if/when male non-eq are seen.

    6784312 03/13/2018  10:55am

    Bump status

    Hay5678Lye 03/13/2018  11:05am

    Bump on if they are seeing non-eq!

    Toothpaste 03/13/2018  11:08am

    Doesn’t seem like folks are feeling particular generous and helpful today lol

    Jpmaxpop 03/13/2018  11:19am

    It’s not that people were feeling un-generous—no one could reply because they collected all male non-eq headshots and put all of us in with the equity members in the first group because there were only ~40 people there total. No one could respond cause the decision was quick and we all just finished. Have a great day, and break legs everyone!

    asanafterthought 03/13/2018  11:28am

    Thank yoooou!!!!!

    Jpmaxpop 03/13/2018  11:35am

    Bump on female non-eq list?

    friedrice 03/13/2018  11:38am

    So did they see non eq men?

    Hay5678Lye 03/13/2018  11:41am

    They saw Non eq Men. Patrick Goodwin was in the room. No decisions about non eq women will be made until right before the woman’s call starts. Go enjoy your lunch.

    dance10looksmeh 03/13/2018  11:58am

    How many non eq are signed up? Just trying to see if I have time IF they see non eq

    Hay5678Lye 03/13/2018  12:42pm

    How many in female list

    tinyballerina 03/13/2018  12:43pm

    Thank yoooou!!!!!

    Jpmaxpop 03/13/2018  12:49pm

    Hey equity ladies, can you post how any cards monitor gives out after checking everyone in, and then of course if monitor makes announcement that non equ won’t be seen?

    Ab90 03/13/2018  1:32pm

    Feeling super dumb - where is this? Like what room..? I feel like I've been given so much conflicting info about this call that I can't determine where this is 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Carbaholic95 03/13/2018  1:39pm

    Bump- how many chorus careen did monitor hand out and how many are generally seen in an hour at a dance ecc?
    (This call is at 520 Ripley 17I)

    Ab90 03/13/2018  2:06pm