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  • Little Mermaid Female Singers ECC 03/14/2018  10:31am

    Was another list started since the first unofficial blew away? Thanks!


    Yes, a new list was started in the holding room, it has 11 names right now.

    peter.pan 03/14/2018  10:34am

    call closed right at 2 because Ed has show tickets tonight.

    Tulips1218 03/14/2018  2:08pm

    Did they read out names? Or can we still come if we signed up already?

    6784312 03/14/2018  2:10pm

    Bump on if we can still come if our name is On the list. I have work til 3.

    Hurry up and wait ... 03/14/2018  2:17pm

    For ECC, they read names half hour before. If you miss your name, you can add onto the end of the list until the call is closed.

    Today they read names at 1:30, and closed the call promptly at 2:00, so unless you heard your name and received a card, you will not be seen.

    Tulips1218 03/14/2018  2:32pm

    We're callbacks given in the room? Is there a dance call later today?

    sundayclothes 03/14/2018  2:47pm

    Fireside isn’t seeing NonEq.

    somethingtoconfessa 03/14/2018  3:02pm

    Anyone know anything about callbacks here?

    serenitymoon123 03/15/2018  5:47am