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  • Walnut Street Theatre 03/15/2018  7:27pm

    Is this call usually crazy? Worth getting up early as EMC or Non eq?


    The backstage notice expired. This is still happening right?

    dance3looks3honestly 03/15/2018  7:39pm

    yes, it's tomorrow. backstage posted incorrectly that it was this past monday. staff at equity confirmed that it is happening friday (tomorrow)

    you'vegotafriendinme 03/15/2018  7:41pm


    Any chance they’ll see non-eq?

    derpladerp 03/15/2018  9:24pm

    Last year I was at the top of the EMC list and was dismissed for the day by lunch, I can’t imagine it’ll be better this year with so many more equity members

    Trynaball 03/15/2018  9:33pm

    @Trynaball thank you! I couldn't find last year's thread, but that's about what I assumed.

    reeee 03/15/2018  9:43pm

    Any update on the EMC list so far?

    ashea217 03/16/2018  5:10am

    EMC lists can't be made until 6:00am at the AEA building, but there are 4 people in line outside (may or may not all be here for Walnut)

    michy 03/16/2018  5:18am

    How many on the EMC list so far?

    Noneqnugget 03/16/2018  7:02am


    canigohome? 03/16/2018  7:23am


    canigohome? 03/16/2018  7:27am

    Bump! Updates?

    janisjoplinmanuel 03/16/2018  8:07am

    When I signed up at 6 there were like 2 emcs on Walnut. We were released til 9:30am so that may be why no one has a more recent update.

    kep0221 03/16/2018  8:25am

    Bump on if equity appointments are full/alternates numbers?? Help ya EMC friends out 💕

    michy 03/16/2018  8:50am

    Bump bump bump?

    michy 03/16/2018  9:14am

    EMC is up to 22.
    Not sure about alternates.

    HotterThanAPregnantCow 03/16/2018  9:15am

    Alt list is at 37

    kep0221 03/16/2018  9:18am

    42 alts last I checked

    I'minthe212 03/16/2018  9:27am

    Any updates on EMC/alternates?

    itbeme 03/16/2018  10:04am

    Can someone post how many alts they have called and how many are on the list?

    NYC3644 03/16/2018  10:06am

    Can someone post how many alts they have called and how many are on the list?

    NYC3644 03/16/2018  10:06am


    dDubya 03/16/2018  10:36am

    Are they seeing non equity ?

    03/16/2018  10:41am

    Called through 21 alts with 60 something on the list

    Feefyefofum 03/16/2018  10:43am

    How's the call going?

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 03/16/2018  10:56am

    -Noneq will be seen, time permitting, but already released for lunch
    -Not accepting drop-offs today

    Broadway808 03/16/2018  10:57am


    AaronBurrSir 03/16/2018  10:59am

    How many non-equity were on the list?

    03/16/2018  11:12am


    I'm the first girl in the second row. 03/16/2018  11:29am

    EMC bump!

    ekat1991 03/16/2018  11:43am

    Last I saw, 29/90 alts. Not sure of emc

    kep0221 03/16/2018  11:46am

    How many alts have been called? Thanks!

    xoladybird 03/16/2018  11:47am

    34/93 Alts called
    0/31 EMCs called

    Rita Sirianne (sp?), CD
    Coller Frederick (sp?), Cast. Appr.
    Robert Frost, Accomp.
    Dan Stanton, Monitor

    Broadway808 03/16/2018  11:55am

    Alt update at lunch?

    ShimmerLights 03/16/2018  12:38pm

    Bump for alts called before lunch

    bananabread 03/16/2018  1:36pm

    I'm sorry but could someone please tell me where the posting for this is. I don't see it on backstage.. Thank you!

    Artsgirl 03/16/2018  1:43pm

    Called 38/115 alternates

    Rocketpower 03/16/2018  1:46pm

    Can someone post the last alt # called? Thanks!

    ashley07148 03/16/2018  2:39pm

    NE will not be seen today. No drop offs.

    Theatrebutwithanre 03/16/2018  2:52pm

    NE will not be seen today. No drop offs.

    Theatrebutwithanre 03/16/2018  2:52pm

    how's it looking for alts/emc

    ekat1991 03/16/2018  3:03pm

    Honestly – it does not look good. I am number 117 on the alts.and they’re only on number 51 at 3:11.

    morningperson...not 03/16/2018  3:07pm

    What number alternate are they on?

    Smelly2 03/16/2018  3:43pm

    Through 68 alts.

    bananabread 03/16/2018  4:35pm

    In the future, if you can afford it, take the bus to philly and go to the local call - much better chance of being seen.

    kreau 03/16/2018  6:41pm