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  • Legally Blonde @ Aurora 03/19/2018  1:13am

    Likelyhood of non-eq being seen? Will they be holding an open call for this in the future?



    cjm568 03/19/2018  4:28am

    They are only looking for 3 roles. The rest of the show is cast, so non eq should be seen if people read the breakdown correctly.

    Singertryingtodance13 03/19/2018  5:18am

    What roles are they looking for?

    EmpLuke 03/19/2018  7:42am

    Elle, emmet, and another guy

    Ladynapsalot 03/19/2018  7:43am


    EmpLuke 03/19/2018  7:44am

    How busy is this looking?

    littleeagle 03/19/2018  7:57am

    Not too busy, non eq list at 21

    Genericwhitefemale 03/19/2018  8:05am

    Update on alternates/ EMC?

    FreckleFace 03/19/2018  9:05am

    Bump for info on numbers/ how full appointments are

    Lbbbby 03/19/2018  9:19am

    Any news on noneq?

    woodstockjams 03/19/2018  9:31am

    Bump if any EMC have been seen yet

    FreckleFace 03/19/2018  9:50am

    Wide open! They’re zooming through the EMC list, already called through at least 20

    HCHS1209 03/19/2018  9:55am

    How many EMC’s?

    FreckleFace 03/19/2018  10:14am

    Called through all non-Equity! If your name was on the list, and you weren't here, you miiight want to come back ❤️

    coexist2014 03/19/2018  10:34am

    Will they still see noneq who haven’t signed up yet?

    woodstockjams 03/19/2018  11:03am

    Non eq list is still on the 4th floor. Anyone who just signed up hasn’t been sent upstairs yet

    Lbbbby 03/19/2018  11:28am

    Sort of weird to see a few Caucasian guys in their 20s-30s waiting in this holding room at any given time. Wonder if they’re gunning for Elle Woods, a specifically African-American cast Emmett, or Professor “Late 40s-Early 50s” Callahan...

    VorpalDormouse 03/19/2018  11:46am

    do we think noneq will still be able to sign up after lunch?

    md1695 03/19/2018  11:52am

    When are they breaking for lunch?

    Tacosalad 03/19/2018  12:43pm

    Omg that was a read!!!! Come one African American Emmit. People should read....

    Singertryingtodance13 03/19/2018  1:21pm

    Did anyone hear how they’re handling callbacks for this?

    woodstockjams 03/19/2018  2:50pm

    Anymore noneq seen?

    dobbykat 03/19/2018  3:20pm

    They are seeing noneq! Slowly working in 2-4 or so in each group.

    poorwandring1 03/19/2018  3:44pm

    Anyone know if callbacks were given ITR or will be emailed?

    FreckleFace 03/19/2018  4:53pm

    Any update on this for non-eq?

    Hurry up and wait ... 03/19/2018  5:36pm

    Any update on this for non-eq?

    Hurry up and wait ... 03/19/2018  6:55pm

    Update on non eq list?

    Lestatthecat1 03/20/2018  5:28am