• lllvvveeekkk

    Has it gone up a lot since then?

    DefyingPoverty 03/20/2018  5:06am

    6 ppl as of 5:10

    soprano10 03/20/2018  5:06am

    List 21 @ 6a

    Whemblygobo 03/20/2018  6:12am

    What’s the list at now?

    9emcpoints 03/20/2018  6:33am

    Bump for list #

    Yo-yo 03/20/2018  6:48am

    It’s at 45 as of 7:05

    YoubettaSANG 03/20/2018  6:58am

    It’s at 45 as of 7:05

    YoubettaSANG 03/20/2018  7:04am

    Anyone know where the list is at? The building doesn’t open until 8, so I can’t get in.

    Curlycomedian 03/20/2018  7:13am

    55 on list @ 7:20

    Lily5 03/20/2018  7:14am

    Since no ones posting, assuming it’s somewhat chill?

    newtothisbiz 03/20/2018  8:07am

    Somewhat chill indeed! Calling the list- which is up to 113 :)

    ThePineapplePrincess 03/20/2018  9:07am

    List was over 100 before he started reading off names

    BackeBabe 03/20/2018  9:08am

    are there appointments left or were they all filled from the list at 9?

    Aidaneric 03/20/2018  9:20am

    List closed or keeping it open?

    bananabread 03/20/2018  9:31am

    If someone could update us on what number they call through on the alternate list throughout the day, it'd be very appreciated!

    what 03/20/2018  9:54am

    Bump on the list still being open or not? And what number it’s at? Thanks!

    yogarina 03/20/2018  10:47am

    Any update on the alternate list?

    what 03/20/2018  11:13am

    Alternates called through 14

    what 03/20/2018  12:02pm

    Alt list up to 49

    Rose4386 03/20/2018  12:24pm

    Anyone know if they offer points? They had local epa's

    Grungesax 03/20/2018  12:29pm

    They're not on the emc list on the equity website.

    Rose4386 03/20/2018  12:37pm

    Are they taking walk ins later?

    sabrinamk27 03/20/2018  1:53pm

    What number have they called up to on the alt list?

    lilperl26 03/20/2018  2:07pm