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Hello Everyone,

You’ve heard us talking about it all summer, and we’re finally ready to show you what we’ve been working on. I’m proud to announce that is moving to its new home on the Backstage Community.

What are the benefits of this new location? It’s anonymous, it's mobile-friendly, it’s easier to police spam content and fake accounts, and best of all, it has collapsed threads! In addition, our developer team will be able to make changes, fix bugs, and implement new features much faster and easier on this new platform.

You’ll notice there’s a banner across the top of the screen here advertising the new location. If you click through that link, it will bring you to the registration screen where you can create your account and automatically receive the “Veteran” flair for being an Audition Update user. Even if you already have a Backstage account, clicking through the link will grant you the flair automatically so everyone will know you’ve been here a while and know what you’re talking about.

We’ll be decommissioning this forum slowly over the coming weeks, so you should save any threads or details that you want to reference later at your earliest convenience.

We know this will really help to improve things here at Audition Update, and we want to thank you - the community - for being here with us through the whole process.

– The Backstage Community Team

  • lllvvveeekkk

    Has it gone up a lot since then?

    DefyingPoverty 03/20/2018  5:06am

    6 ppl as of 5:10

    soprano10 03/20/2018  5:06am

    List 21 @ 6a

    Whemblygobo 03/20/2018  6:12am

    What’s the list at now?

    9emcpoints 03/20/2018  6:33am

    Bump for list #

    Yo-yo 03/20/2018  6:48am

    It’s at 45 as of 7:05

    YoubettaSANG 03/20/2018  6:58am

    It’s at 45 as of 7:05

    YoubettaSANG 03/20/2018  7:04am

    Anyone know where the list is at? The building doesn’t open until 8, so I can’t get in.

    Curlycomedian 03/20/2018  7:13am

    55 on list @ 7:20

    Lily5 03/20/2018  7:14am

    Since no ones posting, assuming it’s somewhat chill?

    newtothisbiz 03/20/2018  8:07am

    Somewhat chill indeed! Calling the list- which is up to 113 :)

    ThePineapplePrincess 03/20/2018  9:07am

    List was over 100 before he started reading off names

    BackeBabe 03/20/2018  9:08am

    are there appointments left or were they all filled from the list at 9?

    Aidaneric 03/20/2018  9:20am

    List closed or keeping it open?

    bananabread 03/20/2018  9:31am

    If someone could update us on what number they call through on the alternate list throughout the day, it'd be very appreciated!

    what 03/20/2018  9:54am

    Bump on the list still being open or not? And what number it’s at? Thanks!

    yogarina 03/20/2018  10:47am

    Any update on the alternate list?

    what 03/20/2018  11:13am

    Alternates called through 14

    what 03/20/2018  12:02pm

    Alt list up to 49

    Rose4386 03/20/2018  12:24pm

    Anyone know if they offer points? They had local epa's

    Grungesax 03/20/2018  12:29pm

    They're not on the emc list on the equity website.

    Rose4386 03/20/2018  12:37pm

    Are they taking walk ins later?

    sabrinamk27 03/20/2018  1:53pm

    What number have they called up to on the alt list?

    lilperl26 03/20/2018  2:07pm