• Desperate Measures 3/21 03/20/2018  1:59pm


    I was supposed to be the monitor for this EPA tomorrow and was just informed it’s been canceled. Equity members with appointments should be getting emails or something about it soon (if not already), but I wanted to let nonunion people know as well!


    Any info on whether or not other EPAs will be cancelled? I’m wondering specifically about Arena.

    flyingtoast 03/20/2018  3:29pm

    Bump! Yes, Arena Stage - anyone know anything? I am sleeping over a friend's house tonight just SO that I can make it in early enough to sign up

    veronikakelman 03/20/2018  3:36pm

    All I know is that this and the Book of Mormon EPA have been canceled since I was supposed to work them; I’m not sure how it’s usually communicated so I’m not sure about anything else.

    peter.pan 03/20/2018  3:46pm

    Thank you so much for letting non-equity know! That's incredibly kind of you!

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 03/20/2018  4:49pm

    according to the audition notices on the AEA site only DM and Mormon are currently marked as cancelled (of course the two I had appointments for)

    Keeter5 03/21/2018  1:10am

    This audition is showing up on March 28th on a backstage; is that happening?

    Hdc 03/27/2018  9:46am

    The EPA on 3/28 I have marked separately from this call. It’s not a replacement for the 3/21 EPA unless they are doing that versus adding another date

    BackeBabe 03/27/2018  10:02am

    Does anyone know if the unofficial list for desperate measures today is up yet?

    Sierra895 03/28/2018  6:04am

    Unofficial at 8. Line at 3

    moosevmouse 03/28/2018  6:49am

    Could someone be an angel and see if non union will be seen time permitting?

    Sing.Act.Dance. 03/28/2018  9:59am


    BackeBabe 03/28/2018  10:00am