• Anastasia ECC 03/22/2018  4:53am

    Just posted unofficial lists for men and women, 1 name on women as of 4:58

    Jennifer Posie

    Did they change the location of this call? Is it not at Ripley-Grier (305)?

    MadameZeroni 03/22/2018  4:55am

    It's at 305 still according to backstage. There were 2 on the list half hour ago.

    Sing.Act.Dance. 03/22/2018  4:58am

    Oh, crap, I'm sorry! I thought it was weird there wasn't any list.

    Jennifer Posie 03/22/2018  5:25am

    8 at 5:30 am

    AlwaysRunning 03/22/2018  5:25am

    LIst seems to have been transferred for those whole wrote it at wrong place!

    AlwaysRunning 03/22/2018  5:29am

    THANK YOU KIND SOUL WHO TRANSFERED! I was just on my way back! Anyone know which numbers they are now on the correct list from the incorrect one?

    Jennifer Posie 03/22/2018  5:36am

    4 on guys list at 6:00am

    mixfordays 03/22/2018  5:55am

    Update on non-eq?

    mixingisthehealthieroption 03/22/2018  7:11am

    Female list at 30 as of 7:15

    bfabitch 03/22/2018  7:13am

    Bump on numbers?

    Logolept 03/22/2018  7:57am

    34 women as of 8:32 am

    mixingisthehealthieroption 03/22/2018  8:27am

    Hey guys! Anybody know where the list is?? Is this at room 302 at RG 305? Nobody is here..

    Greenglasslove 03/22/2018  9:10am

    Last I saw (at 8.30am) both M and W lists were taped on the wall, down on street level, outside...

    BroadwayKiwi 03/22/2018  9:22am

    Thank you so much!! I found it :)

    Greenglasslove 03/22/2018  9:29am

    They just called numbers. Nobody’s here!

    Logolept 03/22/2018  10:02am

    Women non eq is at 41 and being transferred now. I think men’s was at like 15 and is also being transferred.

    princessbala 03/22/2018  10:05am

    Plz post who is ITR

    coolcool 03/22/2018  10:07am

    Please post how many cards are handed out for men! Also, if the call closes! Thanks!

    sosayethi 03/22/2018  10:08am

    PLEASE post whos ITR when they show up

    ineedhealthinsurance 03/22/2018  10:12am

    anyone know if they will see equity women with the men at an ecc?

    ddreamer14 03/22/2018  10:23am

    Hi who is in the room today? Thanks !!

    Robot101 03/22/2018  10:24am

    Bump itr

    coolcool 03/22/2018  10:55am

    Bump on if women are being seen with gentlemen? TIA :)

    Greenglasslove 03/22/2018  11:32am

    Who is ITR? Please.

    Coffeejunkie 03/22/2018  11:32am

    Have they seen through any non-eq yet?

    CharlieCh 03/22/2018  11:48am

    Please post in the room. Thx!

    noscreenname 03/22/2018  11:50am

    I believe all non eq men have been seen

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 03/22/2018  12:10pm

    I just spoke to the Monitor and they are not seeing women early.

    Greenglasslove 03/22/2018  12:36pm

    Would someone please post if / when the female singers call gets closed, and no eq status? Thank you!!

    tinydancer1234 03/22/2018  1:44pm

    Any update? Are they seeing non-eq?

    awopbamboo 03/22/2018  2:12pm


    Godzillathighs 03/22/2018  2:35pm


    Biminibabe93 03/22/2018  2:38pm

    Not seeing nonequity today. Accepting drop offs.

    Third_Tree_From_The_Left 03/22/2018  2:40pm

    When does this call end today?

    Bumble 03/22/2018  4:22pm

    ITR for anyone interested was
    Rikki Gimelstob, CD
    Steven Malone, Assoc. MD
    Kelly Thomas, Accompanist

    Regina Phalange 03/22/2018  4:47pm