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  • North Shore MAMMA MIA - Non-Equity Open Call 04/16/2018  11:19am

    Tuesday, April 17
    Nola/11th Floor
    Men: 10am
    Women: 2pm
    Sign-up will be posted by 8am.
    We have more non-equity contracts available than normal, which is why we are allowing enough time to see everyone. There are no singer-only tracks...EVERYONE must be a strong dancer. We are not seeking any Principals. Bring your book.


    Hi! How late is this call running? If we have work till 4:40 do we still have a shot if being seen, or do all women need to be there at 2pm

    Nyc12345678 04/16/2018  11:27am

    I'm pretty certain we will complete the dance call by 4pm.

    NSMT/TBTSCasting 04/16/2018  11:40am

    Is there any chance you are allowing women to attend the men's call if we are unavailable in the afternoon?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 04/16/2018  11:59am

    So...does that mean Equity ladies should just assume that there are no contracts for them?

    coffeeaddict 04/16/2018  1:20pm

    @coffeeaddict there are Equity contracts available but fewer of them.

    NSMT/TBTSCasting 04/16/2018  2:19pm

    What time will the sign ups be closing? Since the women's call is not till 2:00 will the list be open till close to that time? 04/16/2018  8:31pm

    Hi there! Are you considering Ali/Lisa principles or are those roles still open?

    Thatblondebitch 04/16/2018  8:40pm

    Are women showing up to sign up @8am, or waiting to sign-in in the afternoon? Trying to gauge my snooze buttons :)

    haveitalldone 04/16/2018  9:43pm

    I would say sign up at 8 with the men but ladies PLEASE let’s not get there at 4:30 am like the TBTS call and wait outside for hours getting sick. This weather is killer on all of us so let’s not make it worse by showing up earlier than we have to.

    mixingisthehealthieroption 04/17/2018  12:45am

    Yes please!! I would love if we could all get there at 8 and not get up before the sun comes out lol

    dancerprincess525 04/17/2018  1:41am

    Bump on line

    Whyisitsocold 04/17/2018  6:09am

    How’s the line looking??

    Don'tTouchMeLeaveMeAlone 04/17/2018  6:19am

    List is up for this. About 5 people on it

    Whyisitsocold 04/17/2018  7:22am

    Official list is already posted outside. 3 people on the list

    showbizkid 04/17/2018  7:23am

    List is up for this. About 5 people on it

    Whyisitsocold 04/17/2018  7:27am

    Can anyone tell how many boys vs girls in line?

    honestlyhowsilly 04/17/2018  7:36am

    5 girls no boys

    Whyisitsocold 04/17/2018  7:41am

    Boys list maybe had, like, 4 people on it. Girls were all kind of spread out signed up. 1-20-ish are signed up, then some gaps, maybe one person, more gaps, then another person but the list is wide open right now!

    mixingisthehealthieroption 04/17/2018  8:02am

    Girls are up to 46. Guys at 6

    Tooearlyforthis 04/17/2018  8:42am

    Are any girls getting seen early ?

    winkandwiggle 04/17/2018  9:59am

    Girls list is on 11th Floor - Studio B. About 90 on the list (11:30am). Just a heads up - We will likely begin a little early, around 1:30. I will call the list in order and go with the first group of 25 that are present. If you aren't here, I will work you in to the next group, when you arrive. The list will at 2:00.

    NSMT/TBTSCasting 04/17/2018  11:29am

    Bump on girl numbers please

    Inconceivable 04/17/2018  11:30am

    ^^^The list will CLOSE at 2:00

    NSMT/TBTSCasting 04/17/2018  11:30am

    If AEA wasn’t able to go to the ECC yesterday, can they come to today’s call?

    Don'tTouchMeLeaveMeAlone 04/17/2018  11:59am


    NSMT/TBTSCasting 04/17/2018  12:09pm

    Could you please update how quickly this call is moving? Thank youuuuu

    Nyc12345678 04/17/2018  1:44pm

    please any update is appreciated! how many dancers per group/ how long each group is taking?

    Nyc12345678 04/17/2018  2:18pm

    The final group is dancing now. 3pm

    NSMT/TBTSCasting 04/17/2018  2:50pm