• USO Show Troup Open Call 04/17/2018  12:53pm

    Starting the thread for tomorrow:

    Has anyone gone in for the USO in the past and do we know if they will accept an unofficial list? Trying to avoid the chaos that often ensues during a large open call at Nola.


    Bump on how crazy people will think this call will be. I was planning on going around 8am... also it says prepare two songs, are people preparing 32 bar ish cuts? Bump for anyone who’s gone in for them before

    Glamgirl 04/17/2018  1:08pm

    They haven't done one of these for a few years but, the last time, it was VERY crowded. They had to type for the last few groups.

    towel 04/17/2018  2:06pm

    What time does Nola let people upstairs? Are people just going to line up outside?

    Glamgirl 04/17/2018  2:16pm

    Nola opens at 8:30. Looks like we’ll be spending time outside, unless they’ll take an unofficial list.

    Bump on anyone remembering whether they allowed a list last time, or was there just a massive line?

    Evrydayimhustlin 04/17/2018  3:36pm

    Googled USO. Seems in 2014 no unofficial list was accepted. I hope they learned from then- it was a mess and, of course, a list was started anyway. Especially bc of how small Nola is, I really hope they just take the unofficial list that undoubtedly will get started.

    vaksurik 04/17/2018  4:09pm

    Ah well, we tried.

    See you on the ice ladies. And may the odds be ever in your favor...

    Evrydayimhustlin 04/17/2018  9:56pm

    Hey guys, I don’t know if they’re accepting a list but I started one. Will someone keep me posted if they accept it or not (or if anyone has insight as to how they’re running this this year)?

    annamayo123 04/18/2018  6:00am

    Anyone know which floor of Nola this is on/what studio? Which door is best to go in?

    swimmy 04/18/2018  7:02am

    10th floor - a man working in the lobby let us up early so the list and line are up on 10 now.

    7 pple on list, 3 on line

    HCHS1209 04/18/2018  7:43am

    Did they transfer the list outside or start a new one?

    annamayo123 04/18/2018  7:49am

    Will someone post when creatives show up/if they are taking the unofficial

    lllvvveeekkk 04/18/2018  8:43am

    Unofficial list was accepted. They’ll be calling the first group at 10 till 10 am.

    annamayo123 04/18/2018  9:28am

    When does the list close?

    Jmblast15 04/18/2018  9:34am

    What is the list up to/ when does it close?

    dance3looks3honestly 04/18/2018  9:38am

    Bump please if the list is still open??

    Jmblast15 04/18/2018  11:04am

    List is still open. They are calling groups of 10. They were moving, but has slowed down.

    rinkmuttartist 04/18/2018  11:07am

    The first group of 10 people finished at about 10:45am (started at 10) if anyone is trying to figure out timing for today

    Glamgirl 04/18/2018  11:49am

    Were they giving callbacks ITR?

    smalltowncityboy 04/18/2018  12:27pm

    Are they taking a lunch? Thank you!

    sing_happy 04/18/2018  12:27pm

    Yes, CBS ITR

    Glamgirl 04/18/2018  12:28pm

    Does anyone know how many are on the list and if they are definitely going until 6? I'm stuck at work so I can't check.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 04/18/2018  12:35pm

    It's relaxed, list open

    sing_happy 04/18/2018  1:19pm