• The House of Bernarda Alba @Onomatopoeia Theatre Company 04/18/2018  5:49pm

    Just wondering if anyone has received an appointment for this. Or if anyone auditioned for them today/yesterday. Thanks!

    Deets please

    These auditions are in May. I think there was an error in an earlier notice! So I think we will all need to wait a bit longer!

    This gal over here 04/19/2018  2:57pm

    Any updates on this? Has anyone received an email response?

    boomchicapop 05/02/2018  3:43pm

    All appointments went out last week. Break legs to those that received them!

    Me and you 05/02/2018  6:09pm

    got an appt last week!

    solmadawhatever 05/02/2018  6:43pm