• Usual Girls 04/19/2018  10:31am

    What time are non-eq folks planning on getting there tomorrow? & just to be sure, this is a line situation for non-eq, right?


    Bump to this! Wanna know if it’s worth going or not.... cause I won’t be queuing at 5am or anything mad like that

    Charjbae 04/19/2018  5:53pm

    I think this post should maybe be in the Bitching Post section. There's currently 2 threads asking about when people are going so I can assume that there will be a lot of people. It's also all female roles int heir 20s so again, probably going to be a lot of people. That said, there are a number of factors that impact whether you will be seen or not. It's up to you as to whether you want to go in and potentially wait all day. BUT can we please try to keep the posts in this section about numbers and info about calls day of? I agree with some of the frustration in the other post about people posting these questions here. It just becomes a giant clusterf*ck. Anyway, I personally think this call will be packed given the casting notice, etc, but the reality is nobody knows how a call will be until the day of.

    DBM12 04/19/2018  6:15pm

    This call will be full full full. Not only because it's casting a ton of women in their 20s, but also because there's not a whole lot casting tomorrow. I would guess that zero non-equity will be seen and if you want to be seen I would get there as early as humanly possible. That's my advice as a union member who spent 7 years as non-equity attending auditions in this city. My advice would be to get to the Arvada Center auditions at the equity building tomorrow. They are always good at going quickly through auditions and they see non-equity a lot. Also, Arvada will accept drop-offs if they can't see non-equity. I have 3 friends that were called into audition for their season after dropping their stuff off during an EPA. ANYWAY, that's my rant for the day. Break legs no matter where you wind up tomorrow!!!

    Little but fierce 04/19/2018  6:30pm

    Just FYI, I am saying that you have a better shot at being seen at the Arvada Center EPA tomorrow/a better chance of them collecting your headshot and resume with the intent of calling you in for an appointment. So my suggestion is to look at that casting call and see if you're right for any characters (they are casting so so many shows) and go to that EPA instead. That's my 2 cents! (incase it wasn't clear above!)

    Little but fierce 04/19/2018  6:32pm

    question: does Ripley Grier work the same way as the Equity building does for people who want to get there early? Is the building open at 6 am with a Non-eq sign up sheet?

    lapetitejessica 04/20/2018  12:24am

    No, ripley opens at 8:00am. All lists before then are outside the front door and are unofficial.

    hchandler 04/20/2018  12:30pm