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  • Arvada EPA 04/19/2018  12:33pm

    Wondering if anyone can give insight to what Arvada's EPAs have been like in the past. I'm guessing they are pretty popular and therefore packed with equity? Do they ever hold open calls for their shows?


    I believe the full season EPAs for Arvada are usually pretty packed (like with every theatre), but they frequently come back to NYC on a show-by-show basis. It would probably be better to wait for them to return for the specific show you're interested in, than to try to get seen at the full-season EPA.

    Brabra 04/19/2018  3:35pm

    Hey guys! Anyone know if EMC have been seen for Arvada before? Thanks!

    Greenglasslove 04/19/2018  6:11pm

    I wrote about this in a different thread, but I would say go. I have friends who have been seen at their EPAs, and I also know people who have dropped off their headshot and resume and were then called in for appointments for specific roles. There isn't much going on in the city tomorrow in terms of EPAs, so just bring a book or your computer and get some work done while you wait. BUT I definitely think it's worth going just to even drop off your headshot and resume, and show them that you are interested! Break legs!

    Little but fierce 04/19/2018  6:42pm

    Thanks so much for the advice! I’ll be there and hopeful :)

    Greenglasslove 04/19/2018  6:51pm

    Update on Equity line?

    colorandlight16 04/20/2018  6:28am

    Update on noneq list

    lilsally8 04/20/2018  6:39am

    Equity line at 6 people as of 6:57am.

    pizzapartypants 04/20/2018  6:49am

    Anybody know how the EMC list is looking?

    Greenglasslove 04/20/2018  6:51am

    Bump on noneq list

    lilsally8 04/20/2018  7:23am

    There is no such thing as an EMC list.

    About 10 people on the EMC/Equity line as of 7:30

    StuckonSI 04/20/2018  7:23am

    Sorry for the confusion! I just signed up on a list for EMC. Is this referred to as a line?

    Greenglasslove 04/20/2018  7:27am

    ^^ meant for a different thread SORRY!!!

    StuckonSI 04/20/2018  7:28am

    Haha no problem! It’s early 😁

    Greenglasslove 04/20/2018  7:29am

    At EPAs EMC do have a separate list, and at Equity you can sign up on the 4th floor starting at 6:00am.

    EMC up to 14 at 7:15ish

    aquamarine 04/20/2018  7:37am

    Thanks for the update! I realize this is a silly question, but do we as EMC or non eq folks need to be there in the room when the call opens at 9:30 if we are down the list a bit?

    Greenglasslove 04/20/2018  7:39am

    Can somebody please update on noneq list?

    lilsally8 04/20/2018  7:53am

    EMC can go upstairs at 9:30. Non-Eq waits downstairs until they are told to go upstairs.

    Also for further clarification if anyone needs it; there are never EMC unofficial lists for EPAs. That's not a thing. EMC has to wait and sign up with equity at all other audition studios. Actor's Equity Center recently changed the policy so EMC can sign up on the 4th floor, and return at 9:30am.

    aquamarine 04/20/2018  8:06am

    how many equity alternates?

    littlepotato 04/20/2018  8:24am

    Bump for alternates!

    sosayethi 04/20/2018  8:59am

    Any update on how many alternates/Equity are signed up?

    StuckonSI 04/20/2018  9:00am

    Equity slots still open! Go get ‘em :)

    Iliveatripley 04/20/2018  9:07am

    Equity alternate list?

    aquamarine 04/20/2018  9:12am

    What’s the non eq list at?

    Insertwittytheatrepun 04/20/2018  9:24am

    Bump on noneq list, please!

    funnyhoney 04/20/2018  9:24am

    Just announced they aren't seeing any EMC/nonunion, and they are also not taking drop-offs.

    getkathleenItellyou 04/20/2018  9:25am

    Anyone know how many alts have signed up thus far?

    theatrebum 04/20/2018  9:44am

    Who's ITR? Thanks!

    talyre 04/20/2018  10:09am

    How long can equity sign up for? (I’m new) :))

    Twizzler55 04/20/2018  10:23am

    Equity can sign up all day

    EpaMonitor 04/20/2018  10:40am

    Who is ITR? Thanks!

    ashley07148 04/20/2018  10:44am

    Bump for who’s in the room and alternate list status?

    mchs 04/20/2018  11:06am

    There are 43 alts and they are on 20

    theatrebum 04/20/2018  11:08am

    Bump anyone know how many alts have been called? Thanks!

    Twizzler55 04/20/2018  11:38am

    Just got here and was told they’re not seeing EMC and not accepting drop offs. :(

    Eh 04/20/2018  11:42am

    Who is ITR?

    shells&scales 04/20/2018  11:46am

    Bump anyone know how many alts have been called? Thanks!

    Twizzler55 04/20/2018  11:49am

    Bump on which number they’ve reached for alts. Thank you :)

    newphonewhodis 04/20/2018  12:03pm

    Last alternate called was 32.

    Eh 04/20/2018  12:09pm

    How many alternates currently on the list? Thanks.

    Harlequin 04/20/2018  12:10pm


    ashley07148 04/20/2018  12:19pm

    ITR- Rod Lansberry and Scott from Seay/Wojcik casting I believe

    Twizzler55 04/20/2018  12:32pm

    There’s 64 on the alternate list currently and they’ve called through 36

    Twizzler55 04/20/2018  12:34pm

    Just signed up as alt 78, they have called 39.

    iKruse 04/20/2018  1:57pm

    What have they called up to on the alt list?

    PhillyActor 04/20/2018  2:53pm

    Alt bump?

    iKruse 04/20/2018  3:27pm