• They Call it gravy We Call it Sauce 04/20/2018  7:32pm

    Hey, I used the search feature on here and didn't find much. Does anyone have any experiences about this company/show they'd like to share...?


    It depends on where you're located and what your goals are! Are you newer to acting or looking to get back into the swing of a show? Then this might be a good fit for you! If you're located in NJ and have access to a car, it would be easiest for you to participate.

    NotATroll 04/21/2018  3:26pm

    Ive worked on this show. Really passionate guys but extremely unorganized. The producer/writer is unwilling to make any changes to the show to benefit the production.
    The producer has also made a lot of inappropriate comments to the younger female actors in the past.
    On a positive note, the director is wonderful and really keeps an eye out for the actors. Would I take an offer to be back in the show? No. But ultimately it’s up to you.

    TheRealGalindaUpland 04/22/2018  8:27pm