• whyyyyymornings

    Hey! Did you wind up getting in today? Anyone with any info on how auditions went today? I have an appointment this week. Were any of you asked to play the piano during your audition today? I just want to be prepared with sheet music Incase that happens!

    All the Qs, none of the As 04/21/2018  11:27pm

    Soooo weird!!! I was there around 4:15. The building was open. There was even someone at the box office window, next to the outside door.
    I was seen immediately as a walk-in. It was a VERY empty call - all day long. I was told only two people had appointments after 4pm.
    I was not asked to play the piano, but there was one in the room, and the monitor said it was a possibility. So bring that sheet music!
    Break a leg!

    just show up 04/21/2018  11:41pm