• John W. Engeman Theater 04/23/2018  6:30pm

    Hello all! I am an EMC actor and have never been to Actors Equity for an audition before and am curious what to do once I enter the building tomorrow morning. I remember reading something on here awhile ago that said what to do but I can't remember or find it. Thank you for helping :)

    John Cena

    I'm also realizing I probably didn't post in the right page

    John Cena 04/23/2018  6:32pm

    And I actually just found what I was looking for in bitching post! So my apologies for this eye sore. I mean we all make mistakes, even me John Cena. Its been a hard last week since splitting with Nikki so my heads not there yet.

    John Cena 04/23/2018  6:35pm

    Hahahah I hope you kill your audition tomorrow! :)

    thankssomuchnext 04/23/2018  6:59pm