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  • Be More Chill 04/23/2018  8:54pm

    Aight so what are the odds of any non union actors being seen tomorrow?


    Yes! Wonderful this too..

    thankssomuchnext 04/23/2018  8:55pm

    Yep, that was definitely meant to be *wondering :)

    thankssomuchnext 04/23/2018  8:56pm

    can we stop with these posts....

    greenbean 04/23/2018  9:44pm

    Yea, I get where you’re coming from greenbean. There is absolutely no way to know until the day off. :)

    thankssomuchnext 04/23/2018  9:49pm

    Get where you're coming from, but it's always possible they announced they weren't seeing non eq somewhere

    Cgug3 04/23/2018  10:07pm

    yall union folk need to check ur privilege. yall are nothing just like us

    godihopeigetit95 04/24/2018  3:25am

    Any update on the unofficial list?

    ...shesnoneq 04/24/2018  5:25am

    12 non equity on the unofficial list so far

    Sarah18 04/24/2018  5:38am

    List up to 13 at the 520 building.

    CatMuse 04/24/2018  5:38am

    are we allowed to put our name on the list then leave and come back? or is it once you put your name on the list you have to stay?

    mrfilmmkr 04/24/2018  5:57am

    Anyone in line yet?

    livelovesing 04/24/2018  6:02am

    Bump on the line

    peachykeen_jellybean 04/24/2018  6:20am

    List at 21 as of 6:10

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 04/24/2018  6:28am

    30 peeps

    BackgroundTree 04/24/2018  6:51am

    Put my name on the list...what time should non eq be back?

    mrfilmmkr 04/24/2018  6:58am

    Put my name on the list...what time should non eq be back?

    mrfilmmkr 04/24/2018  6:58am

    If they take the list then like 3 pm would be the time to come back. If they don’t then you might need to be there at 9 am to re sign up

    BackgroundTree 04/24/2018  7:03am

    How long is the line?

    moosevmouse 04/24/2018  7:24am

    How many equity/emc in line?

    honestlyhowsilly 04/24/2018  7:50am

    Bump for Equity statuses!

    sosayethi 04/24/2018  8:39am

    Once y'all get inside, let us know if they are taking the list!

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/24/2018  8:40am

    Bump for # on line

    honestlyhowsilly 04/24/2018  8:53am

    Did they take the non eq list?

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 04/24/2018  9:04am

    ^^^ RT

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/24/2018  9:07am

    They took non eq list and is transferred. Emcs are at like 25 I think?? That’s an estimation. Not sure about alternates

    Fizzy14 04/24/2018  9:12am

    Bump for appts and alts

    Suiteofjacks 04/24/2018  9:14am

    Still no word whether they’re seeing non eq or not

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 04/24/2018  9:56am

    How many EMC?

    letsgo 04/24/2018  10:00am

    Any appt times left/ # alternates?

    this is my username 04/24/2018  10:01am

    EMC list at 33. Called 1.

    Solidmover22 04/24/2018  10:02am

    They called an EMC already?? Are there zero AEA there today??

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/24/2018  10:10am

    Some after lunch appt availability, four waiting on the ALT list, and they’ve called two EMC.

    sosayethi 04/24/2018  10:14am

    Have they said if they’re seeing non eq at all?

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 04/24/2018  10:23am

    Put my name on the list...what time should non eq be back?

    mrfilmmkr 04/24/2018  10:25am

    im sorry idk why it keeps posting that didnt mean to post anything

    mrfilmmkr 04/24/2018  10:26am

    Bump on seeing non eq!

    Bluesky 04/24/2018  10:35am

    Bump number of emc called/ signed up?

    Okayokay 04/24/2018  10:56am

    Monitor just announced Non-eq won’t be seen until after lunch at soonest!

    Kiribird 04/24/2018  11:10am

    7 EMC have been called out of 42 currently on that list. Non-eq at 50+, seem to be operating as if non-eq are being seen but that is pure conjecture.

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/24/2018  11:16am


    Accountname 04/24/2018  11:43am

    Could someone update one #’s please? Alternates&emc called so far? Thank you!!

    Sarah18 04/24/2018  12:00pm

    Still only 7 emcs. Alternates keep walking in

    Fizzy14 04/24/2018  12:05pm

    Who's in the room?

    Bento Tinderbox 04/24/2018  12:16pm

    Emc/alt update?

    Accountname 04/24/2018  1:07pm

    Any lunch updates?

    pleasehelp 04/24/2018  1:21pm

    bump on #'s update please!

    md1695 04/24/2018  1:45pm

    Bump on # of emc seen

    honestlyhowsilly 04/24/2018  2:11pm

    Bump on updates!!

    itbeme 04/24/2018  2:13pm

    updates? alternates? EMC?

    pleasehelp 04/24/2018  2:28pm

    Any word on non eq being seen?

    ...shesnoneq 04/24/2018  2:30pm

    bump on emc/alt post lunch

    Accountname 04/24/2018  2:50pm

    Bumpity bump

    Ladywholunches 04/24/2018  2:50pm

    They’re almost through alternates, but there’s about 30 emc to be seen before they would crack open the non eq list.

    Sarah18 04/24/2018  2:52pm

    Have they started with EMC?

    letsgo 04/24/2018  3:15pm


    mrfilmmkr 04/24/2018  3:29pm

    Called up to 21 on EMC

    dgretchen 04/24/2018  3:29pm

    Called through 32 on emc

    queenlittlehawk 04/24/2018  3:49pm

    Pretty sure they’re on non eq now? But I could also be on crack so

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 04/24/2018  4:02pm

    If they are calling non eq can someone please post number

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 04/24/2018  4:06pm

    She called through the end of the EMC list so the next group will start the non eq list.

    Solidmover22 04/24/2018  4:13pm

    Ah shoot missed my EMC # while at another appt! Does anyone know how many are on the non-eq list?

    Ladywholunches 04/24/2018  4:22pm

    What number are they on for non eq?

    mrfilmmkr 04/24/2018  4:23pm

    They haven’t closed the noneq list, have they?

    Ladywholunches 04/24/2018  4:31pm

    What non eq number called through?

    CatMuse 04/24/2018  4:34pm

    Called up to 15 on non eq

    Kid w/ the Rent hat on 04/24/2018  4:52pm

    Bump for how many non eq were seen today

    MichellePfeiffer 04/24/2018  8:23pm

    I was #20 on the list and there were 3 other non eqs after me, I don't know how many of those numbers were no shows though

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 04/24/2018  8:41pm