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    16or32 04/24/2018  7:56am


    Lazersareexpensive 04/24/2018  8:08am

    Up to about 27 ppl by 8:27am

    Sojourner 04/24/2018  8:28am

    Have they handed out slips yet? Anyone know when they will?

    princessbala 04/24/2018  8:29am

    No slips, just wristbands. Line up to 50ish

    BJC1991 04/24/2018  8:55am

    Did any female singers show up and were able to be squeezed in with the men ?

    Songbyrde 04/24/2018  10:25am

    What's the 411 on this call? How many people have signed up so far?

    BroadwaySomeDay 04/24/2018  12:07pm

    How’s this looking??

    honestlyhowsilly 04/24/2018  12:07pm