• Ballad of Cat Ballou 04/24/2018  5:47pm

    NON-UNION Actors!
    Jackson Hole Playhouse is holding auditions for the musical “The Ballad of Cat Ballou” tomorrow at Ripley Grier ! The contract begins May 17, and the pay is $500-$700 plus per week ($500 minimum) and is right next to Yellowstone National Park- beautiful!! Looking for men: all types, women: dancing showgirl types. 1-5pm at Ripley Grier 520- sing from your book, possible movement and reading sides! See you there!

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY

    This sounds amazing! Thank you. Is this an open call or can we make an unofficial list that could possibly be honoured?

    Bluesky 04/24/2018  7:23pm

    You’re awesome !!! Thanks! Where did you see this posted? I’d love to write down some more info about it

    מלכה 04/24/2018  7:53pm

    YES an unofficial list will be honored- come on down!

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 04/24/2018  9:52pm

    The response i got on Backstage said the call was 1-3, is that not accurate anymore?

    Backwoodsbarbie 04/24/2018  9:52pm

    Also, the theatre’s website is jacksonplayhouse.com for more info!

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 04/24/2018  9:53pm

    A list has started outside Ripley 520

    Bluesky 04/25/2018  4:28am

    No list outside 520. Anyone know where it got to? If can’t find it, I’ll start a new one.

    Whemblygobo 04/25/2018  8:59am

    It probably got brought into the room since the building is open. Check there before you make a new one.

    Luna20 04/25/2018  9:12am

    Triple checked front desks and room. New list outside room. If you’d like a sign up I’ll gladly add!

    Whemblygobo 04/25/2018  9:16am

    Awesome! Thank you for letting us know!:)

    Luna20 04/25/2018  9:21am

    From what I understand, singing will be 1-3, and movement callbacks/ sides will be 3-5, if that makes sense!

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 04/25/2018  9:59am

    Wait, this is non union why is there a list...?

    Backwoodsbarbie 04/25/2018  10:36am

    Is this an equity house? Where we could get points?

    Bluesky 04/25/2018  10:39am

    What’s happening at this call? Is the list still open?

    smalltowncityboy 04/25/2018  2:07pm