• Percilla NCL appt. 04/25/2018  9:43pm

    hey fam ! so I had been given an appointment through actors access for gisbproject for may 2nd last week .
    today I discovered that the appointment was no longer on my profile at this email was archived. I called up actors access to see it was a glitch and they said that means Casting canceled it .
    has this happen to anyone before with NCL? or with actors access ? does anyone have a casting email ( (even if it’s just a general email ) so i could check to confirm if this was a def cancellation . a few friends of mine suggested i should do that but i’m not sure
    super comfiswd about this . would love some help here :)


    Hey Breek! There are a bunch of us in the same situation. Check out Callback Corner for a long post about all of this :)

    Greenglasslove 04/25/2018  9:49pm

    At final callbacks for Rock of Ages a few weeks ago, they gave us the following email address:


    I have an appointment for Priscilla that I received via agent and have not been informed of anything being cancelled.

    Hope this helps!

    Kinky&Wicked 04/25/2018  9:52pm