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  • Sound Of Music Tour 05/17/2018  12:39pm

    Has anyone received offers for this yet? Anyone know for what roles?


    I have a friend on the tour and I think a lot of people currently on it are returning/in the process of their negotiations.

    greenlantern 05/17/2018  9:51pm

    Do we know if the Rolf/ rolf understudies are staying

    honestlyhowsilly 05/18/2018  2:50pm

    All three are not returning.

    05/19/2018  5:13am

    Both I and a friend got ensemble/principle cover offers

    neverneverknow 05/20/2018  1:03pm

    neverneverknow - can you please say which roles?? Congrats to you both

    LittlebigCharacter 05/20/2018  3:41pm


    LittlebigCharacter 05/22/2018  9:10am