• Bat Out of Hell 05/18/2018  2:45pm

    Does anyone know how crammed this audition may be tomorrow? I would love to be seen (non-eq), but I have work at 12:30 and will be out of town the other two audition days.

    Just looking for some insight on if it's even a possibility! Thanks!


    Lots of people out there in their summer gigs henny so come on down.

    colormearab 05/18/2018  3:24pm

    Saturday auditions are really hit or miss. They are usually pretty open but who knows......

    TheatreJock 05/18/2018  5:37pm

    bumps on updates for this tomorrow

    Charjbae 05/19/2018  1:20am

    Non eq list up?

    05/19/2018  7:03am

    Just started an unofficial for Non-eq. Two on list. It’s raining.

    kickandbelt 05/19/2018  7:31am

    Okay so this audition is at 305 not 520!

    kickandbelt 05/19/2018  8:13am

    Wait what?? ^^^

    [insert name here] 05/19/2018  8:22am

    Okay so this audition is at 305 not 520!

    kickandbelt 05/19/2018  8:34am

    Could someone take a look at the sheet and post who is in the room please :)

    CBC 05/19/2018  10:07am

    Can someone give an update on how crowded this is please?

    [insert name here] 05/19/2018  10:30am

    BUMP. Any update on numbers?

    janisjoplinmanuel 05/19/2018  11:16am

    There’s literally no one there and I am not exaggerating.

    05/19/2018  11:19am

    oh baby! do we think the audition will stay open past lunch?

    janisjoplinmanuel 05/19/2018  11:46am

    It’s empty! Walked in and was put in that group. They are keeping it open after lunch and non eq the list isn’t closing!

    [insert name here] 05/19/2018  1:19pm

    Anyone know if they are doing CBs in the room??

    laducabitch 05/19/2018  2:49pm

    Y’all. Literally get here and get seen. It’s empty on this Saturday evening.

    colormearab 05/19/2018  4:59pm

    Any updates on how this is looking for this Monday morning EPA?

    BassBelter 05/21/2018  8:02am