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  • Comfort Women 05/18/2018  10:48pm

    The monitors said that callbacks will be sent out tonight - post when you hear?


    Dance cb for 5/23 and final cb (song and sides) for 5/24 or 25 received last night

    kkg123 05/19/2018  11:55am

    Has anyone heard about casting for this?

    CrazyCatLady 05/26/2018  2:40pm

    I just got an email inviting me directly to a CB on 6/5, did anyone else get one of these?

    reeee 05/30/2018  6:36pm

    Unsure about that callback, but from what I understand casting has already finished (emailed offer received on Friday, and the producer posted about it on his Facebook later). Maybe that's for replacing someone who dropped? Most/all casting should be done by now though

    michy 05/31/2018  12:07am

    @reeee i too got a an email offering me a direct callback from my submission as well

    breek792 05/31/2018  12:39am

    I got one as well. Did anyone read the contract? Thoughts?

    bruiserwhereiselle 05/31/2018  12:44am

    I got a callback for June 5th from my submission also. But I’m not going- the contract is absurd- 10am-7pm everyday and pays less than $200 a week. I would make $3.75 an hour. I could work at McDonald’s for more.
    unacceptable . How can I pay my rent on $3.75 a week with rehearsal everyday???

    sensiblescrelt 05/31/2018  6:42am

    wow didn't do the math and break it down ;/ but at least it's in town. don't quit you side job I guess lol isn't it a playwright horizons or am I mistaken?

    breek792 05/31/2018  11:49am

    it is at playwrights but i can't work if rehearsal is 10am-7pm everyday but Sunday.... no way I could pay rent with that since it would not allow the actors to have a side job. I don't know how they even get away with such low pay. It's truly $3.75/hour. Honestly its insulting. I get low paying shows, but if I cannot pay my rent and will go into massive piles of debt for your show that is simply unacceptable. I wish someone would crack down on these ridiculous wages.

    ThatsAllforToday 05/31/2018  4:53pm