• Royal Caribbean Open Call 05/20/2018  10:33am

    Can someone please clarify if tomorrow's open call is for SINGERS only, or is it both SINGERS and DANCERS at the same time? Backstage and the Royal Caribbean website seem to have conflicting info. Thanks!


    from what I have gathered on the website... it seems like tomorrow is just appointments only so if you have an appointment definitely be there

    Charjbae 05/20/2018  5:55pm

    I actually just re-read the post and its just singers both appointment and open call

    Charjbae 05/20/2018  5:56pm

    thank you!!!

    AvocadoDreams 05/20/2018  8:03pm

    I have an appt. tomorrow...does anyone know if they go through all the material in the Cats packet?

    anmjbfilm 05/21/2018  12:22am

    cats packet and come fly with me packet*

    anmjbfilm 05/21/2018  12:33am

    Anyone there yet. How many on the un-official

    Whyisitsocold 05/21/2018  6:01am

    unofficial list up to 20. Monitors just arrived.

    Vickifabulous 05/21/2018  8:59am

    Small group. Looks like non-union will be seen. They're still taking people I believe

    flipsing96 05/21/2018  9:20am

    Call is super open, only like 15 more people total. But idk when they’ll close the call, so come asap

    Tiltballchange 05/21/2018  10:18am


    NameonEveryonesLips 05/21/2018  1:44pm

    Acceptint walk-ins?

    CheeseSandwich 05/21/2018  3:07pm

    Anyone know when they're closing this list/ when the call is over???

    thecalvinklein 05/21/2018  3:26pm

    I think the singer open call ended at 1. Now it’s just appointments

    Tiltballchange 05/21/2018  3:43pm