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    Up every morning at six 05/24/2018  10:28am

    26 signed up

    pauliewalnuts 05/24/2018  10:32am


    List still open. Pretty quiet....

    Rain On my Parade 05/24/2018  11:26am

    Where is this?

    bruiserwhereiselle 05/24/2018  12:46pm

    whats the website for the audition material?

    dance3looks3honestly 05/24/2018  3:21pm

    I'm guessing because this is Disney the list isn't open anymore right?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 05/24/2018  3:31pm

    Hi! Does anyone have a contact email or phone number for Disney Hong Kong that they could share with me? I need to reach them before my callback tomorrow morning, but don’t have a way to contact them. Thanks!

    bkska123 05/24/2018  5:08pm