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  • Survival Jobs- Help! 05/24/2018  11:21pm

    Hey Guys!
    So the case of “came back from a contract and my old job doesn’t wanna hire me back because I might leave again” happened. Are there any recomendations for companies that like actors and might be hiring? Thanks so much =)


    Might get better traction in Bitching Post section, just label it NAB, which stands for "not a bitching" post. Also look up Great Performances for cater waiter jobs

    human1491 05/25/2018  1:35am

    Topnotch events pays $20 per hour for catering. Register with them.

    FinallyGettingThis 05/25/2018  11:31am

    Flywheel is hiring!

    Kinky&Wicked 05/25/2018  1:05pm

    i work for a company called vip kid teaching english to kids in china. its super easy, you work from home, you make your own schedule, and make around $20/hour.

    they have their own skype type of platform. kids book you based on your open slots, and you teach a 25 min lesson. (i literally teach in my pajamas). practically no prep time and you can stay home and work based on your availability. perfect job for actors, in my opinion.

    check it out here-

    mkat8 05/25/2018  2:15pm

    Also work for VIPKID mentioned above and it has truly been an amazing way for me to audition and still make at least $1500 a month.

    Also there are several catering companies and most should pay 22-25 starting... 20 is very low for catering. Check out Thomas Preti, Cleaver Catering Company (both start at $24/hr) also check out Creative Edge Parties and Pinch Food Design.

    BassBelter 05/25/2018  3:05pm

    Apple is an artist friendly employer. They also offer great benefits for part-timers. What’s your email? I can refer you

    Slashies 05/25/2018  3:13pm

    @Slashies I am in a similar boat and would love ti work at apple.

    Blactor03 05/25/2018  3:23pm

    Hey! For those of you who work for VIP, do you need to have a bachelors to qualify for this job? I only have an associates, would that disqualify me from being able to do this? I thought that is what I read at one time but wanted to make sure?! TIA!

    thankssomuchnext 05/25/2018  8:54pm

    @thankssomuchnext: yeah, you need a bachelor of arts to qualify for the job (they recently got super strict about this and require you to send over your degree) and at least 1 years experience working with kids (you can totally embelish the working with kids part though)

    mkat8 05/25/2018  10:20pm

    I’ve also worked at VIP, but I made more than what some other users are posting. I’m assuming that’s due to my degree type (summa cum lauds BA from an Ivy League with a double major in theater and economics plus a minor in English...yes I had no life in college). I also work as a tutor in-person through and I make $75/hour for that. This may not help those with an associates degree, but if you have a bachelor’s and are able to tutor English/test prep then this is definitely the way to go.

    More to know 05/29/2018  12:17am

    Please excuse all my typing errors! Autocorrect hates me! Anyway, just trying to say that tutoring is a great option!

    More to know 05/29/2018  12:18am

    @Slashies could you still hit up a girl for Apple?

    JesusHelpUsAll 06/06/2018  6:27pm