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  • iHavana! 06/12/2018  4:21pm

    Does anyone know where I might find a recording of “Queen of the Night” for NCL’s Havana?
    It’s not on their website, and I didn’t see it on YouTube.
    Thank you!


    Oops! I meant a recording of “Do the Mambo” - sorry!!

    peachykeen_jellybean 06/12/2018  4:23pm

    Haven't seen it, I looked too. User sheet music with my vocal coach, figured out from there.

    dollyloop 06/12/2018  5:42pm

    Ladies- where are you all finding tracks for Xiomara’s songs? Because the link that they gave me does not have “Love is a disaster” and “One Lucky Girl”

    PLEASE HELP ❤️❤️

    YoubettaSANG 06/12/2018  6:10pm