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  • Carousel Replacements 06/17/2018  6:27pm

    Does anybody have any specific info as to what types they are looking for?


    Whens this audition?

    kittycat222 06/17/2018  9:25pm

    It’s an appointment this coming week

    Smellmeimroses 06/17/2018  10:34pm

    Where can you apply?

    kittycat222 06/18/2018  2:36am

    Only breakdowns have been for male dancers and a Bigelow cover. Sorry ladies.

    lululemming 06/18/2018  8:03am

    Any further info about this post? Like where its going to be held? How do I submit? Can't find anything anywhere :/

    letranger7 06/18/2018  9:30am

    It was only through agents.

    BlackTenor 06/18/2018  10:31am