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  • Burn This 6/22 06/18/2018  8:15am

    Does any kind soul out there have access to these sides that they can share?


    Bump. Are these on any of the breakdown services that someone could share? Thanks!

    briankzzz 06/20/2018  8:10am

    I've been searching since last week. Haven't found a thing :-/

    KDVictory 06/20/2018  1:08pm

    As soon as I find out, I'll post all of the them.

    KDVictory 06/20/2018  1:10pm

    Thanks KD! Another setback that Drama Shop is out of the play :)

    briankzzz 06/20/2018  5:46pm

    Does anyone know if they'll be seeing non-eq for this call tomorrow?

    OneLoveOneHeart 06/21/2018  6:17pm


    OneLoveOneHeart 06/22/2018  2:07am

    We won’t know until the team arrives.

    List at 9 as of 7:45.

    briankzzz 06/22/2018  7:52am

    List at 12 at 8:30

    adjacent2normal 06/22/2018  8:34am

    Hi! The list should have been at 12 at 7:15am. Was a new list started?

    I Will Survive 06/22/2018  8:48am

    Pretty sure it’s the same list, i didn’t put myself on it, was just updating with what I saw

    adjacent2normal 06/22/2018  8:51am

    So sorry...that was for different thread.

    I Will Survive 06/22/2018  8:53am

    Not seeing non eq today

    adjacent2normal 06/22/2018  10:18am

    Are they not seeing EMC either, or just Non-Eq?

    zarina 06/22/2018  10:42am

    Bump on if they’re still seeing EMC

    DaddyRipley 06/22/2018  11:05am

    They are seeing EMC today!

    corgiwithadream 06/22/2018  11:24am

    Does anyone know if they are keeping the non eq list for Monday? or starting a new list that day?

    Gracelang 06/22/2018  11:24am

    What are the sides for Anna?

    KDVictory 06/22/2018  12:12pm

    What Act and Scene number?

    KDVictory 06/22/2018  1:08pm


    KDVictory 06/22/2018  4:29pm

    Burn This is available at Barnes and Noble.

    Iluvgiraffes 06/22/2018  6:27pm