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  • Element Music 06/19/2018  6:57am

    Surprisingly, I'm the first one here. I put up the list outside. I've never done that before!

    Not sure if that is even something that should be done for this since it is an open call and the breakdown didn't seem to have any union affiliation?

    Thanks and break legs today everyone!


    Any updates on this? Does the list still exist? And if So, how many people are on it?

    MuppetBeltress 06/19/2018  9:26am

    Hey there. Yes, it seems as though the audition is still happening. Only 3 ppl on the list.
    Room 17 M.

    Bhoop 06/19/2018  9:49am

    Thank you!

    MuppetBeltress 06/19/2018  9:53am

    How's it looking there now?

    CarmenSandiego 06/19/2018  11:15am

    The pages aren't numbered but it's one full page and about a half of another page of names.

    Songstressed 06/19/2018  11:36am