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  • Actor's Playhouse- Havana Music Hall 06/22/2018  12:53am

    Hi! Question. On Backstage, Actor's Playhouse is listed as having an EPA at Actor's Equity on June 25th. However, there is an open call for "Havana Music Hall" (Actor's Playhouse) at Ripley Grier on the same day. Anyone know what's the truth there? Where do we go?


    Do you think they’ll see non eq at the ECC or make us wait till the non eq open call?

    Ames 06/23/2018  4:57pm

    This posted to the wrong thread. Disregard.

    Ames 06/23/2018  4:58pm

    Is their EPA still happening at Equity?

    ght_nyc 06/25/2018  8:20am

    Bump on epa at equity?? Anyone there?

    Slr219 06/25/2018  9:09am

    The season EPA is definitely at Equity. Unsure if there is a call also happening elsewhere.

    aquamarine 06/25/2018  9:27am

    Are they seeing non eq today?

    ght_nyc 06/25/2018  9:50am

    Seeing non eq time permitting

    Te'ena Klein 06/25/2018  10:01am

    Does anyone know if they’ve started calling in any EMCs yet?

    serenaryen 06/25/2018  10:05am


    Scretlygirl 06/25/2018  10:34am

    At Equity so far they've called through 9 on the non-eq list.

    Kmo3 06/25/2018  11:12am

    How many emc have been called?

    Scretlygirl 06/25/2018  11:28am

    Non-eq released until lunch.

    Kmo3 06/25/2018  12:35pm

    Is there any update on non eq?
    Thank you!

    Artsgirl 06/25/2018  1:57pm


    Te'ena Klein 06/25/2018  2:09pm

    Hey guys!

    Any updates on Non-Equity?

    Mattsofjnfs 06/25/2018  3:36pm