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  • Write Act Repertory 06/23/2018  8:29pm

    Hey guys--
    Anyone get an e-mail to audition this weekend for Write Act Repertory? They are doing Frankenstein and some other shows at St. Luke's. Looking on info for audition location and material to bring.
    I was contacted to come in for an audition either today (Saturday) or tomorrow night but after confirming didn't get any more details and still no word. Any help would be sooo amazing!


    Hey current actor who’s done a few shows there (so may be biased) with them they are a WONDERFUL company to work for!!! Absolutely love them, great environment. Very kind, sweet and supportive team. If you are called in for a replacement it is a quick process, but as long as you put in the work, they will do everything to make sure you are totally prepared to jump in! The casts I’ve worked with have all been extremely talented and wonderful people as well and become pretty close knit and always are willing to be as helpful as possible to anyone new coming in! Do have several selections in your book ready, including something classical for Frankenstein. But can’t recommend enough!

    mercurialasaka 06/23/2018  9:25pm

    I went to their auditions on June 9th and they said they were having callbacks and more appointments on the 22nd. Didn’t hear from them, so I reached out a few days before the callbacks to confirm whether or not they wanted to see me so I could get time off work, as I had been called back by them previously, but they never responded. I’m guessing they are being postponed, but it’s a little unusual that they haven’t communicated this to anyone yet. Has anybody heard from them recently?

    Greenified 06/25/2018  3:37pm

    Does anyone know the name of the gentleman who was running the audition and sitting in the room? (handing out callback material, calling people into the room etc.) Thank you!

    always_look_up 06/25/2018  4:42pm