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  • Beautiful June 25th EPA 06/24/2018  7:26pm

    sorry this is early but would anyone know if they will possibly see non-eq for this?


    they won't be able to determine that until tomorrow morning!

    soooooomuchbetter27 06/24/2018  7:46pm

    Ok thank you!

    singer31 06/24/2018  10:41pm

    Unofficial female non we list has been started!

    daphnedoorgnob 06/25/2018  5:39am

    *non eq

    daphnedoorgnob 06/25/2018  5:39am

    Non-Eq at 14 as of 6:36am

    arosebyanyothername 06/25/2018  6:38am

    24 at 7:20

    Emmerz 06/25/2018  7:21am

    First in line AEA/EMC just now.

    mmmr97771 06/25/2018  7:22am

    Non eq list made it upstairs!

    Jokingmonk 06/25/2018  8:12am

    Where is the AEA/EMC list located currently?

    Sassa1233 06/25/2018  8:27am

    How’s the line now?

    Ab90 06/25/2018  8:36am

    Around 40 when I left. Also, could someone write in here when they find out if they will honor the unofficial list or if they start a new one for non-eq. Thank you!!

    singer31 06/25/2018  8:43am

    They are transferring the unofficial non eq list. Equity members just started their sign up. Monitor said they will let us know if they are seeing non eq when casting arrives.

    Wonderwoman8194 06/25/2018  9:06am

    EMC list at 15, non eq at 48! not sure about seeing non eq yet

    sabrinamk27 06/25/2018  9:24am

    Great thank you!!

    singer31 06/25/2018  9:24am

    Please please post at 10am if they start calling EMC!

    Ab90 06/25/2018  9:34am

    just dismissed non eq, no word on EMC yet. started first of alternates

    sabrinamk27 06/25/2018  9:59am

    Did they dismiss non eq for the whole day or just until after lunch?

    astost 06/25/2018  10:01am

    They dismissed NonEq for the whole day- but are accepting drop offs

    arosebyanyothername 06/25/2018  10:03am

    called first couple EMCs, more alternates are showing up

    sabrinamk27 06/25/2018  10:05am

    How many on the EMC list now?

    bkska123 06/25/2018  10:28am

    not seeing any more emc but accepting drop offs

    sabrinamk27 06/25/2018  10:38am

    Casting dismissed all EMC for the day

    avoicenotanecho 06/25/2018  10:40am

    Update on Equity Alt list?

    Gman 06/25/2018  11:08am


    Beebe Bluff 06/25/2018  12:14pm

    Please share who’s in the room!

    twd 06/25/2018  1:38pm

    Bump for who's ITR please!

    Bento Tinderbox 06/25/2018  2:13pm

    Stephen Kopel (cd) and Sharon Kenny (piano) ITR

    mtwallet 06/25/2018  2:41pm