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  • Hello1111


    ialwaysforgetmypassword 07/09/2018  11:08pm

    How early are y'all getting there to start a list for the 2pm dance call? Or do we have to get there early with the singers and sign the list then?

    HungryRabbit 07/09/2018  11:13pm

    Any list yet?

    Jmblast15 07/10/2018  5:28am


    buttercup 07/10/2018  6:02am

    Just started the list!

    lmenewton 07/10/2018  6:04am

    10 on the list around 630

    Jmblast15 07/10/2018  6:45am

    Bump on list numbers?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 07/10/2018  7:30am


    buttercup 07/10/2018  7:45am


    LaSa5192 07/10/2018  7:49am

    List is upstairs in the holding room!

    OwlAlwaysLoveEwe 07/10/2018  8:15am

    Bump on what the list is up to now?

    35791 07/10/2018  8:29am

    List is at 41

    tdaly2 07/10/2018  8:41am

    Fem dancers list?

    HungryRabbit 07/10/2018  9:16am

    They accepted the unofficial list

    lmenewton 07/10/2018  9:21am

    22-41 just lined up, will likely get next group of headshots soon.

    rainbowhigh94 07/10/2018  10:46am