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  • Man Of LaMancha - John Engeman 07/10/2018  5:30pm

    Is this still going on tomorrow? I remember seeing a post for this last month for this.

    John Cena

    From google:

    littleeagle 07/10/2018  6:32pm

    Do we know if they usually take an unofficial?

    abcdes 07/10/2018  9:20pm

    They haven’t in the past.

    ash 07/10/2018  10:51pm

    They don’t take an unofficial list and they usually type first thing and then those that are typed in sign up to be seen.

    Why can’t I sleep 07/11/2018  1:00am

    So they’re most likely typing at 9am then?

    WitchBitch 07/11/2018  1:07am

    Do they usually type by resume or itr?

    Gyoza 07/11/2018  8:13am

    They will type when the call begins. So for guys that’s at 2pm and they will continue typing until they stop accepting people which is an hour after the call begins so 3pm for guys. It’s the same for women but idk when your start time is. I’ve seen them type with headshots and by lining people up. Either way you cannot just drop your headshot and go. They will type with headshots and have their moderator call your name if they want to see you and then you sign a list. If you aren’t there when they type you via headshot then they won’t let you sign the list. Hope that helps.

    Zippitty 07/11/2018  9:59am

    They aren’t typing women, they are seeing everyone. 16 bars, no dancing.

    ash 07/11/2018  10:15am

    Please post if you’re getting callbacks itr

    meeeeeeee 07/11/2018  10:22am

    What’s it like over there. Should men head to sign up at 1:30 or are we good to get there between 2 and 3?

    07/11/2018  12:23pm

    And do we know if they will be typing the men still?

    briankzzz 07/11/2018  1:27pm

    No typing for men. Lots of people here, but they're moving it along.

    Again: 16 bars, no dancing.

    407W41 07/11/2018  2:27pm

    Anybody hear back about ensemble callbacks yet?

    HumanResources 07/11/2018  10:44pm