• Connecticut Rep 07/15/2018  7:09pm

    Anyone know if they’re open to seeing non-eq at all?


    I’ve tried twice and no luck. Hopefully you have a different experience.

    somethingtoconfessa 07/15/2018  7:21pm

    Yeah I see they only have a few contracts to give out per show, so wasn’t sure if it was a non eq friendly audition.

    princessbala 07/15/2018  7:51pm

    Re: this audition, now that i just got my card, what time do you think i need to realistically show up to be seen? Any guesses?

    Dymphna 07/15/2018  10:57pm

    List st 3 @ 5:35

    CatMuse 07/16/2018  5:49am

    Update on list?

    Kmo3 07/16/2018  7:47am

    Non eq List at 41 but there's some names crossed off so it's more like 33

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 07/16/2018  8:10am

    How many emc?

    Spin 07/16/2018  8:48am

    About 17 EMC

    Kmo3 07/16/2018  9:29am

    Any Non-eq announcements? Seeing us time permitting or nah?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 07/16/2018  10:07am

    Haven't made any non-eq specific announcements but they've already called off the EMC list in both the first two groups

    Kmo3 07/16/2018  10:18am

    Any updates on EMC number called?

    Kingofanything 07/16/2018  10:32am

    How many EMC left?

    CatMuse 07/16/2018  10:33am

    3 EMC called
    About 25 on the EMC list

    Kmo3 07/16/2018  10:50am

    Can someone post who's in the room? Someone from McCorkle?

    Bardboy18 07/16/2018  11:03am

    Jeffery Dreisbach from McCorckle

    Kmo3 07/16/2018  11:12am


    kittycat222 07/16/2018  11:43am

    Non eq sent away until after lunch ends at 2

    CatMuse 07/16/2018  11:51am

    How many are on the non eq list now?

    ash 07/16/2018  11:53am

    ^ "Sent away." I love the wording! Be gone!

    SPEinspiredME 07/16/2018  11:56am

    Any updates on EMC?

    ames5486 07/16/2018  12:36pm

    Any updates after lunch?

    mardo 07/16/2018  2:08pm

    4 EMCs have been seen.

    swimmy 07/16/2018  2:16pm

    4 called out of 40 something EMC. 52 on non eq list.

    WitchBitch 07/16/2018  2:40pm

    Bump on EMC called?

    happymagicbr2 07/16/2018  3:25pm

    Up to 6 on the EMC folx

    SingLikeMyHeels2 07/16/2018  4:13pm


    kittycat222 07/16/2018  4:16pm


    kittycat222 07/16/2018  4:20pm

    Only 6 EMC called?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 07/16/2018  4:29pm

    Non Eq released?

    SPEinspiredME 07/16/2018  5:40pm