• Wicked ECC 07/19/2018  5:13am

    Is the dancer ECC at Pearl or 519!? Backstage and Playbill day different things. If it's at 519, will someone be a hero and transfer the non-eq list from Pearl over? THANK YOU!


    According to Equity website (which is usually correct - though not always) it is at Pearl 500/4th Floor. And the ladies call starts at 11:00 AM.

    hmm 07/19/2018  5:36am

    Update on the non-equity list?

    Jojobean 07/19/2018  6:01am

    Up to 20 on the list now

    Scretlygirl 07/19/2018  6:28am

    Female Non-Eq list : 24
    Male Non-Eq list : 1

    jf5588 07/19/2018  6:34am

    Women at 38 at 7:30 am

    Jojobean 07/19/2018  7:31am

    Is anyone doing this and clueless? Is it possible?

    chorusline1 07/19/2018  7:42am

    How's it looking? -non-eq list and if they are seeing us today?

    Lady94 07/19/2018  9:22am

    Anyone know if they are seeing female non-ECC?

    GingerRedBird 07/19/2018  9:31am

    Have both the lists been taken upstairs?

    jf5588 07/19/2018  9:31am

    NonECC is at 104

    GingerRedBird 07/19/2018  10:21am

    Seeing non eq?

    thisismyusername 07/19/2018  10:37am

    Seeing non eq?

    thisismyusername 07/19/2018  10:38am

    Male non eq number?

    sj23 07/19/2018  11:00am

    Did they type non eq?

    Breathe 07/19/2018  11:06am

    They are only taking headshot/resume drop offs for non-eq. Huge turnout

    Hausg 07/19/2018  11:31am

    NonECC is at 104

    GingerRedBird 08/06/2018  4:04pm

    NonECC is at 104

    GingerRedBird 08/08/2018  10:01am