• Black Tom island 07/19/2018  7:47am

    Anything on a non equity list for this yet ! Thanks


    Anyone see this list yet ? Thanks

    Rosecat 07/19/2018  8:21am

    Is there no list yet ?? Someone update plz thanks

    Rosecat 07/19/2018  8:45am

    Bump again sigh

    Rosecat 07/19/2018  8:53am

    Bump again sigh

    Rosecat 07/19/2018  8:57am

    10 on non eq list

    Aidaneric 07/19/2018  9:05am

    Thank you !! Not sure why no one else replied. Although looks like 7 now so not sure if someone miscopied list - heads up to anyone who signed up

    Rosecat 07/19/2018  9:50am

    Non-eq was just moved upstairs!

    breezysneezy 07/19/2018  10:03am

    Half a dozen non-eqs were just seen. Wide open here.

    Bardboy18 07/19/2018  11:48am

    Absolutely wide open

    VorpalDormouse 07/19/2018  12:19pm

    Is there anyone on the equity side who can update us non-equity folk? They took a couple of us an hour ago and we haven’t heard anything since. Thanks!

    CrazyCatLady 07/19/2018  3:03pm