• Is there a list started for this? If so, where would it be?

    Carbaholic95 07/20/2018  6:36am


    Lady94 07/20/2018  6:55am

    How many ladies on the nonequ list so far for singer call?

    curlytopsweetie 07/20/2018  7:48am

    There are 5 non-eq female singers and 15 non-eq female dancers

    bigmoney_salvia 07/20/2018  7:58am

    Thank you. Do we know if they're seeing non eq today?

    curlytopsweetie 07/20/2018  8:15am

    Piggybacking on that- the likelihood of female non eq dancers getting seen?

    Adancerdancebelts 07/20/2018  8:17am

    in the past, I haven't been seen as non-eq for wst but you never know! every time is different

    ddreamer14 07/20/2018  8:55am

    Non-eq male singers have been sent upstairs and it's wide open.

    407W41 07/20/2018  9:53am

    Male ECC Singers: did they ask anyone to attend the dance call?

    wavingthroughabustedwindow 07/20/2018  10:21am

    Bump on staying and dancing

    ingenue.shmingenue 07/20/2018  10:27am

    How many on the non-ecc female dance list? Thanks!

    Lady94 07/20/2018  10:51am

    I know that it doesn’t start till 2, but please post who is itr at the dance call! Thanks!

    ddreamer14 07/20/2018  11:44am


    rdoolittle 07/20/2018  11:56am


    ddreamer14 07/20/2018  2:03pm

    They just collected non-union headshots for typing the ladies. They are no longer accepting headshots.

    Cspice 07/20/2018  3:54pm

    Are callbacks being given itr?

    DancinInTheStreet 07/20/2018  4:04pm

    Bump for callbacks? 😊

    ShuffleBallChange 07/21/2018  9:50am