• West Side Story Revival Tony and Maria EPA 07/21/2018  3:42pm

    What do we think the odds will be that they’ll see non-eq for these developmental lab auditions? Any info on the ECC they had recently also?


    They saw all non eq for the ECC!

    WN5678 07/21/2018  4:16pm

    Is there an unofficial list yet?

    Little Lumpia 07/24/2018  5:25am

    What’s this looking like?

    chhhhhe 07/24/2018  5:41am

    Doorman took the list inside

    theafdcny 07/24/2018  5:47am

    I got there and wasn’t able to sign up since they took the sign up sheet inside and locked the building.

    Little Lumpia 07/24/2018  5:50am