• The Other Josh Cohen 07/23/2018  1:10am

    Anyone have intelligence around this production? Likelihood of non-equity seen, etc?


    Looking for actors who play instruments. Not sure about non-eq but hopeful!

    RebeccaMarquardt 07/23/2018  7:22am

    how many alts are there?

    Miss Vanjie 07/23/2018  8:45am

    They are seeing non-eq and have plenty of openings. Already saw the only non-eq on the list.

    RebeccaMarquardt 07/23/2018  9:58am


    DancerGuy987 07/23/2018  10:50am

    Kaitlin Shaw from Tara Rubin

    RebeccaMarquardt 07/23/2018  10:53am

    Is the non eq list staying open?

    Artsgirl 07/23/2018  1:18pm

    Is Kaitlin in the room after lunch

    DancerGuy987 07/23/2018  1:29pm