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  • A Chorus Line 8/8 08/08/2018  5:37am

    What is the non eq situation at this call? Any list/updates?


    Any EMC lined up?

    haveitalldone 08/08/2018  6:57am

    Any EMC lined up?

    haveitalldone 08/08/2018  7:06am

    I’m here and don’t see anyone else. This is my first audition at Ripley. Where do people usually go?

    iwanticecream 08/08/2018  7:11am

    A non-eq list was just started. 3 girls 1 boy

    Amanip 08/08/2018  7:24am

    Any updates on non eq?

    willdanceforsnacks 08/08/2018  9:49am

    What theater and casting company?

    modblueberrypie. 08/08/2018  12:23pm

    Who was ITR?

    Also did they see non-eq?!

    tinydancer714 08/08/2018  6:44pm

    Does anyone know if they've seen non eq the past two days?

    flan 08/08/2018  9:58pm

    Yes! There was almost nobody there today

    iwanticecream 08/08/2018  10:00pm