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  • Casa Manana Dancers 08/08/2018  11:28am

    Anyone know if Casa Manana is accepting non ECC? And is there a list yet?


    Hi! ECC stands for Equity Chorus Call
    I think you are asking if they are seeing non equity (non eq)

    So saying non ECC isn’t exactly the right phrasing. Non eq can be seen at an ECC if the casting decides. Also we will never know if non eq will be seen until the audition begins. Hope this helps!

    Breathe 08/08/2018  12:05pm

    Sorry, yes, exactly what I meant! Thank you!!

    Totally, every once in awhile they announce early they won’t see non-eq or can get an idea if they didn’t see men non-eq. But yes, the waiting game it is.

    GingerRedBird 08/08/2018  12:23pm

    any update? thanks!

    Nyc12345678 08/08/2018  1:23pm

    Updates / did the listing ever say whether there were callbacks for dancers?

    tinyballerina 08/08/2018  10:01pm

    Bump on callbacks?

    glitterqueen 08/09/2018  11:11am

    Bump on women’s list

    Merde 08/09/2018  11:13am