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  • 14 girls on the list at 5:45

    Magical mermaid 08/09/2018  5:47am

    Any updates? Running late from something and wondering if it's worth going to as non-union.

    ns131313 08/09/2018  6:39am

    Any emc lined outside?

    haveitalldone 08/09/2018  6:42am

    Any emc lined outside?

    haveitalldone 08/09/2018  6:55am

    3 emc/eq in line

    08/09/2018  7:03am

    Where is everyone lined up? I don’t see a line outside

    strengthandsong7 08/09/2018  7:08am

    10 people in EMC/equity line upstairs on the 12th floor

    HCHS1209 08/09/2018  7:38am

    Where are we at with the noneq list?

    Noodle7 08/09/2018  8:16am

    Non Eq list is at about 40

    ns131313 08/09/2018  8:25am

    can someone please post when they say if they’re seeing emc! also how many on emc list?

    sabrinamk27 08/09/2018  9:23am


    Noodle7 08/09/2018  10:01am

    bump for seeing emc?

    sabrinamk27 08/09/2018  10:02am

    Up to 20 on EMC @ 10

    hermionegranger 08/09/2018  10:13am

    20 EMC On the list not called.

    hermionegranger 08/09/2018  10:14am

    are they going to be seeing emc?

    sabrinamk27 08/09/2018  10:16am

    They are not seeing noneq or EMC

    HCHS1209 08/09/2018  10:20am

    Who is in the room?

    Thank you!

    theatrebum 08/09/2018  10:23am

    They have an EMC list; can anyone confirm an announcement that they dismissed EMC?

    benimacbamf 08/09/2018  10:26am


    sabrinamk27 08/09/2018  10:41am

    They did dismiss EMC and non eq

    iwanticecream 08/09/2018  10:46am

    Aw... thanks

    benimacbamf 08/09/2018  10:56am

    Bump on who’s ITR?

    frontrowmover 08/09/2018  11:56am

    Bump eq alt status !

    Gman 08/09/2018  1:03pm

    Bump on ITR please!

    Actortime 08/09/2018  2:48pm